Tonkin Caterpillar 627K Wheel Tractor Scraper by Cranes Etc TV

The Caterpillar 627K is a twin-engine
scraper weighing around 41 tonnes, but of course that is the full-size version
and we’re looking here at the Tonkin model of it. Like the rest of the Tonkin Caterpillar
line it comes with a small card which has technical details and a photo of the
real scraper. Let’s reach out to the model by reaching
into the box and pulling it out. Out comes the 627K and its resting in some
preformed former’s which have been preformed to form some protection, but it didn’t work fully this time
because there were a couple of loose parts in the box. The loose parts are from the front and it’s
the exhaust pipe and a handrail, and it’s time for our own friend “Sue Perglue” to do
her stuff. So we have a blob here and a blob there
and after a bit of careful fixing the 627K is restored back to an ex-works condition. Starting underneath there is some reasonable
detail, particularly at the rear end, and the big tyres have a realistic tread
pattern. They are mounted on reasonably detailed wheels, and moving to the cab the detail is good.
There is a Cat logo on the seat back and there are small grab rails outside. On the roof the beacon light is painted
so it’s not so good, but there is a decent aerial and air horn. Many of the hand rails are
thin metal and a plus point is the soft hydraulic hoses all around the
gooseneck, and these increase the realism. The bowl and apron are nicely cast and small
graphics add detail. At the back the rear engine looks good and
there is a protection guard for the radiator. Also at the back the top grab rail is made
of metal with the ladders going up the side being made of soft plastic. Yes indeed, we’re back out on the Cranes
Etc Test Track and we find that the scraper is a nice roller helped by
its heavy weight. The gooseneck is also very flexible with a very
good range of movement and if you doubt that, just try making
the same movement with your own neck. Or you could try just shaking your head and
the gooseneck on the model facilitates the same kind of action. There is a small ram which also controls
the gooseneck hitch point, but it is a bit stiff and awkward to
move. Moving now to the scraping action and the
apron at the front opens to a good height and the mechanism
has enough stiffness to hold any pose. Going to the back of the bowl the
ejector also moves but it’s a clunkier mechanism and there is no
stiffness in the ram that pushes the plate. Still it’s good that you can at least pose it
in any position you want. At the front there is a hook bar which lowers so
you can get some help from the scraper in front, and the other thing you can do is to lower
the bowl from a transport position to a cut position. But on the review model at least the
rams which control it are very stiff indeed. At least the scraper is able to
have a go at gouging out your desk surface. If you don’t happen to have any earth
that needs shifting, then the model can double up as a transport load, and so all you need is a decent sized
truck to put it on. So here we are using the massive twin
grab hand crane to get the scraper up onto the truck, and what a pity it is that they don’t make
these hand grabbers for the full size machines. This is a nice Caterpillar scraper model
from Tonkin replicas. It has a very good detail level, although it is a bit
delicate as a result, so you need to be a little careful how you handle it. It has also
got a range of features which mostly work well enough, so if you like heavy
earth-moving machinery the 627K is highly recommended.

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  1. STAG says:

    Damn it man! Less Etc, more cranes.

  2. 박연규 says:

    where is gen-im test? where is the testing sand?

  3. NextBase Czeon says:

    Great construction model

  4. Darryl Kenes says:

    When Donald Trump is President we'll have a LOT more cranes and Mexico will pay for them!

  5. ChipmunksMusics says:

    How to buy this vehicle?

  6. Callum Nolan 335 says:

    can you do a video of thee wolff tower crane please

  7. The Rebel 22 says:

    Hopefully these Tonkin models are better compare to the Norscot ones.                                 They are reall pos…

  8. Don Conklin says:

    Hello there; nice machine and video!

  9. A_Collection says:

    Very nice Chanel !!!

  10. info Source says:

    You should compare the diecast master 627k to this one

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