47 comments on “Tractor Beams are REAL!”

  1. FlemishBloke says:

    i too love tractors

  2. Cosmin Dina says:

    push and pull objects…like telekinesis 😀 awesome

  3. ashton says:

    it remains of UFO who abduct people using just lights to pull human into ship in science fiction stories

  4. Gianfranco Calabretta Sesin says:

    Vato Loco<<<<<<

  5. ti zeipai says:

    what is the song in the beginning? o.O

  6. Justin Troy Marilao says:

    Alien Technology.. I wish scientist would make portal gun

  7. Justin Troy Marilao says:

    After that we can make gravity gun..

  8. Chandan Ritvik says:

    what about artificial gravity. pls make a vedio

  9. Anthony Garcia says:

    are we talking about Star Trek or Star Wars cuz i thought the millenium falcon was star wars lol <3

  10. Alla Allaa says:

    Все отлично ))))))))))))))))))))))00

  11. Cindermaw says:

    Whenever I hear the music that starts around 30 seconds in, I think of the one song they used to play on EVERY League of Legends tournament in season 2 during breaks.

  12. vaguevocalist17 says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if the same concept could be used to make a propulsion engine. You could fix the laser to the front of a ship and shoot it toward the back of the ship. Because the beam isn't literally pulling it, but rather is causing a push from behind due to teh change in energy, the laser emitter could move along with the ship… Hmmm… I'll have to mull this one over.

  13. Brandon N. says:

    This is witch craft!!!

  14. Luke Gurbin says:

    So this is being talked about now.
    Why the continued silence on aliens?

  15. creatordead says:

    sounds a little like troll physics you got there 🙂

  16. Alexutz CTN says:

    1. Huge laser beam propels a Spaceship in to space. 2. A Spacestation orbiting the Earth uses tractor beam to place the Spaceship in the lunch position. 3.The Spacestation uses electron beam to propel the Spaceship to the nearest planet or Spaceship. This could be space transportation but 4. We will need a huge powerplant! 🙂

  17. Hal Effect says:

    1:45 shit! reversing the polarity works in real life!

  18. Mike Goff says:

    Star Trek in real life…..

  19. Richard says:

    1:45, seriously? Reversing the Polarity, what a trope.

  20. Doctor says:

    how to explain this to friends: reverse the polarity

  21. Boom Shanka says:

    This could be very usefull to avoid the kessler syndrome and remove tiny debris from LEO.

  22. Mikael Murstam says:

    Photons do not have mass, but they have momentum. The solar sails will use that momentum, not so much from the charged particles.

  23. Jack Higgins says:

    Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow

  24. Temeraire519 says:

    This is probably one of the coolest things in science that I've heard about in a while. 

  25. na Cna says:

    i do like this channel 

  26. Odin Nichols says:

    If you want to pull a space ship in, use a fucking magnetic field.  It's a lot easier.  

  27. will wetmore says:

    star wars has tractor beams not star trek

  28. garrett gaddy says:

    Could you feed the laser more power yet send it through a hyper conductive material that absorbs heat yet let's light pass through it?

  29. Juni Post says:

    all this has done is show me that METROID powersuit powers are totally do able!

  30. Ben Evangelista says:

    Couldn't you point this at the ground on push mode bam New type of engine

  31. cain bender says:

    Quantum vacuum on steroids! Hahaha!

  32. Damien Green says:

    "reversing the polarity of that beam"

  33. David Alexander Slettli says:

    So that thing in portal 2 is real? And that UFO sausage thing also?!

  34. slimdab says:

    this channel is awesome

  35. Telespentry says:

    we are in the beam

  36. Jace Hackworth says:

    The enemy is in the beam.

  37. Superrift says:


  38. Lawn Care says:


  39. DekuMemer says:


  40. Sunny gamer says:


  41. Smithu Auman says:

    What if you could go light speed like in star wars and star trek. now. what if you start to go into a black hole, and you light speed. hmmm.

  42. smattyjiggermanwensen says:

    star wars created tractor beams first

  43. Tyler Fireeagle says:

    Star trek makes U fall asleep.

  44. Robert Ostman says:

    lol hoo the FF is stealing my ideas??… did you guys learn this from a university??… because one stold that idea from me!!… and then took all the credits…. …ggg

  45. Chocolate love says:

    How about configuring that beam to be something like gravity beam in a spaceship, in out of space, pull below your body and push above your head, creating some sort of artificial gravity .

  46. darkracer125 says:

    star trek is probbably the most scientificly correct scy fy show.       flip phone's.  tractor beams.   teleportation.    warpdrive

  47. jedediah dickson says:

    Why not have alot of little beans pushing and pulling the ship instead of one big beam

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