Tractor Drivers (1939) movie

A Comedy Written by Ye.Pomeshchikov Directed by Ivan Pyryev Camerawork by A.Galperin
Designed by V.Kaplunovsky Music by the Pokrass Brothers
Lyrics by Boris Laskin Starring Maryana Bazhan – Marina Ladynina Klim Yarko – Nikolay Kryuchkov Nazar Duma – Boris Andreyev Kirill Petrovich – Stepan Kayukov Savka – Pyotr Aleynikov Kharitosha – Vladimir Kolchin Franya – Olga Borovikova Markovna – R.Dneprova-Chayka Old Man – P.Valerianov The Fireman – A.Dolinin The Tankmen, Klim’s Friends –
P.Savin and A.Kefchiyan A Mosfilm and Kiev Film Studio
Production And the Samurai fell down before The onslaught of steel and fire. So all enemies, and my song can
testify to this, Were destroyed in the fiery
attack By 3 tankmen, 3 merry friends, The crew of the combat machine. – For Motherland and friendship!
– For those who wait for us! My wife waits for me, guys. Oh, she’s so fast! She works at the ball-bearing plant. – The first gauger.
– That’s good! I dream of her every night. I’m going to the Alazan Valley,
to my bride, to my friends. The collective farm misses me! No one’s waiting for me. They
receive me well everywhere. Klim, let’s go to Moscow!
Here’s the cable, “The plant needs
motor-mechanics badly”. Why Moscow?
Luring him, no, friend? Let’s go to Georgia,
listen to the letter. – Do you understand?
– I do. The motor-mechanics. You guessed right! Let’s go. You’ll be our dear guest,
you’ll live beautiful! You open the window,
and there’s a peach climbing in. The wine! The grapes! Nothing like it! Let’s go. No, guys, I won’t go there. I want to go
to the Ukrainian steppes. Those steppes are so good, guys. Open the door, there’s the wind. Open the window,
there are cherries in bloom. It’s good!
I’ll go back to my tractor. To her, to my compatriot. – She’s a good girl!
– Who is she? Maryana Bazhan. The forewoman
of the tractor brigade, the champion of high-speed tillage.
I’ll go to her. What’s that Moscow to him? – For Maryana Bazhan!
– Her health! My pleasure. Let’s go! Take my place. Steer it right.
And listen to him, Granya. I’m afraid the bush should be
replaced in the 2nd con-rod. – How you doing?
– Good, Maryana! Natalka, how is it? Good, Maryana, almost over! – Is there a lot to complete?
– I’ll finish it by lunch. Ganka may be free. The mail! To no one, apart from Maryana
Dmitriyevna. Sorry. There’s one for you. Poste restante. From me. – Come on, you!
– Please… Maryana! Get your letters! 37 non-registered, 16 registered.
Here you are. You brought them again?
I don’t need them. I won’t take them. Take’em back. Impossible. My duty is to hand
them to you. Please sign here. Take pity on me, Kharitosha. They torture me so much,
writing them. I’d write to you myself,
but I have no time. 8 express ones, 1 telegram.
I’ll die unmarried! – Greetings!
– Same to you! I’m going, going, going, Delivering the letters. Without leaving my bike, I’m singing to everyone. Don’t be sad, receive the letters, Those who wait,
those who’re in love, The letters tender and dear, Business and registered, Are delivered by Kharitosha, The meticulous mailman! I bring love and joy, And the breath of spring From Moscow and Leningrad, From all over the country. Here are the different envelopes And newspaper pages in my bag, There are laughter and happiness, Hopes and dreams! Speed up, or you’ll die unmarried! The meticulous mailman! – Excuse me, are you Maryana?
– Yes, what’s up? Just a sec. Let me introduce myself. Taras Fyodorovich Bondarenko,
a junior, so to say, fire-warden from Melitopol. I was transferred closer to you! – What’s this?
– Cockerel flowers. Have you come here
to pick up flowers? No, ma’am.
On the impulse of my heart. – What?
– The impulse of my heart. Oh, your heart! The heart… Have you ever seen Nazar Duma? Is he an axe-man? He can do it with an axe, too. Please meet Nazar Duma,
my fiance. This is Taras Fyodorovich,
from Melitopol. Pardon me, what d’you mean,
fiance? I was told… I can’t get it. – He’s come here!
– Did you play a trick on him? I did. I can’t stand it any more. No matter where I go,
they’re everywhere. I wish you could save
me from admirers! Listen, Nazar, come here. Help me, like you’re my fiance. – For appearances.
– Should I scare them off? Right! You’re the devil-may-care,
they’ll be afraid of you. Could do. For the sake
of appearances, eh? – Yep.
– Could we do it for real? You’re starting it, too. – Appearances, y’know.
– That’s clear. But it would be more interesting
for real. OK, appearances, I agree. Oh thank you! You, little devil, thought
of a way to deal with admirers. 50 letters a day, you see. So, mosquitoes may ram you… With a brigade like the one our laureate Maryana Bazhan has, the one whose work is
a treat to the eyes, and who’s our pride and beacon, we should apply a strict measure
to mistakes and failures. Let’s take the notorious district chieftain comrade Duma. What do we see? His team either
sets up every record, or does something enough to make
all neighborhood cats laugh. Why should it be so? Because of the chief,
mosquitoes may ram him. The foreman should be the mirror. So that people could look into it
and see themselves. But what do they see
looking into you? – A pub!
– And Nazar in it! Right. It ain’t a nice picture. You horse around,
and your team follows suit. You kick up rows,
and your team, too. They have an inclination
to the bottle. – He has to be married!
– Come on, Vaska. Has he indeed,
may mosquitoes ram him? We’ll have a hell of a party! – Look for a fiancee, Nazar.
– We’ll send the matchmakers. Why should you care?
I’ve found one already. Really? He lies so much the flies
cough in embarrassment. Who’s gonna marry you? – Rest assured!
– Who is she, then? Shut up, boys. Who, tell us! – Tell us!
– Don’t make us wait! – Maryana!
– Who? Maryana Bazhan, this one. – How come, Maryana?
– He’s one fiance for you! It can’t be true! – Is it true?
– How come, Maryana? – He’s a liar!
– Well, Maryana? Order, forepeople! Order! Get off the table. Order! May mosquitoes ram you. Comrade forepeople,
about personal matters please to speak calmly and
unofficially. So, about personal matters… May mosquitoes ram you… Is it serious for you and Nazar, or? – Why?
– Nothing, I just asked. Forgive me, Maryana,
or course, that I… Come on, Kirill Petrovich,
Nazar and me, we just… Nothing funny about it. One has
to pick up a husband carefully. – You can’t command your heart.
– May mosquitoes ram you! You should understand,
he’s a murky type. He’s not a match for you.
How could you? Should the collective farm select
a husband for me? – Listen to me, please.
– I’m not a baby, I see myself. You don’t see well!
The country raised you high. Strangers write letters to you,
asking for advise. And I’m sick of it! What is the fad
with you, sermonizing me. I understand it,
and I’ll pick the one myself. I don’t need a baby-sitter.
So long! Bye, lads, and thanks. – Would you come to us?
– No, this is where I go. Oh it’s so good! Goddamn you, the rascal! – Hey, boy!
– Who’s that? Is it an emergency landing, gal? Are you hurt? – Can you stand up?
– Don’t touch me, I’ll manage. Well, try it. – I will.
– Do it. You see? Sit here. How did it happen to you? I just fell down.
Hasn’t it happened to you? It has… So that’s what it is. Why are you looking
at me like this? Scared? Oh you’re so terrible!
Who are you? Just a passer-by. – Can you start it, or should I show?
– I’ll try. Maybe I could do it. – Here you are.
– Help me, it’s not too far. Don’t – I’ll manage. – Come on, you. You won’t.
– The boot! Oh, here it is. Grab me by the neck, not to fall. – Is it straight?
– It is. Oh Jesus Christ! You’ve ridden enough,
you’ve killed yourself! Oh God, my child… Some hot water, mother,
and a towel. Coming… You’ve had it finally! So, you’re home. That’s what you are like… Maryana Bazhan. Have a seat. Take your coat off at least. – Do you have a bandage?
– It’s in the bag. I told her, she won’t listen, flying like this. Come on, Markovna,
enough already. – My God!
– Markovna! – Does it hurt?
– No. Let’s try again. – It hurts!
– Now it’s gonna be OK. It will be well. You’ll have to stay in bed
for 3-4 days. – And you, mother…
– Maryana! I’m standing idle again,
be it damned. Look! It tortures me,
let the cholera take it! Be it damned forever and ever! You crashed! – You’re queer.
– I’m so sorry. Never mind. Maryana, what’s wrong?
Are you hurt? – No, Franya, it’s nothing.
– How did it happen? – What’s up with you?
– You see… I did it with kerosene, I fixed
its valves, but it’s damned. Tomorrow I’ll call the mechanic. Does it mean, I’ll be standing
idle again? Another idle day? Not again… Franya, let’s go and have a look
at your machine. Come on, show me where it is. Who is this man, Maryana? Dunno, some passer-by. You don’t, do you? Tell the girls not to tell anyone
I crashed. OK. Or do-gooders’ll swarm in
with no rest from them. OK, will do. Let’s look at it. – Here it is!
– Oh so handsome! – Fran, who is he?
– Some mechanic. What about Maryana? She’s silent,
as if I don’t see anything. And Maryana is all bandaged. So I fell down! Why are you giggling?
At my expense? No, of course not. Fran, spin it, will you? Why, you snub-nosed? Come on! Let’s try it again. Tell me please,
is there a magneto key? That’s quite a key. What? Beam some light here. Do you hear, Markovna? He set Fran’s machine going. Oh, the guy’s quite a devil. He seems to be an educated man. A smart one, he was in the service. – The machine is ready, ma’am.
– Thanks, comrade mechanic. Here you are. Have a seat, drink some tea. – I didn’t catch your name.
– Klim. – What’s yours, mother?
– I’m Tatiana Markovna. Pleased to meet you. Where are you from, stranger? I’m a demobbed tankman,
from the Far East. Why didn’t you say so?
I have a brother there. He won’t perish there. Pantyusha Bazhan, snub-nosed,
quite tall. Have you met him? No, there’s a lot of people there. You can’t see everyone. – Where are you going then?
– I’m just looking for happiness. Want to find some job. – I’ll stay where I like it.
– Don’t you like it here? It’s quite dark,
I haven’t seen enough. You could probably stay. We’re looking for mechanics
with searchlights. I’ll look about. I’ll stay
for a couple of days. Will you kick me out? You may stay. You’ll help, until my leg heals. So Klim stayed… He helped the tractor-drivers,
replacing the chief. Of an evening, he told stories about
the Far East and the Amur river. And not once his and Maryana’s
eyes would meet… Near steep shores of the Amur river Sentinels of our country
stand on guard. A barrier to the enemy
is erected, There, brave and strong, The armored
strike battalion is placed At the borders of the Far-Eastern
lands. There they live,
and my song can testify to it, Like an inviolable family The 3 tankmen, 3 merry friends, The crew of the combat machine. The grasses are covered with dew, The mists enveloped the taiga. That was the night when Samurais Decided to cross the border. But the intelligence was right, And the orders sounded For the Armored strike battalion
to move Across the Far-Eastern lands. The tanks sped up,
raising the wind, The thundering armor advanced. And the Samurai fell down before The onslaught of steel and fire. So all enemies, and my song
can testify to this, Were destroyed in the fiery
attack By 3 tankmen, 3 merry friends, The crew of the combat machine. Well sung. That’s our way, may mosquitoes
ram them. Howdy, Kirill Petrovich! Have a seat with us. Come sit to our fire. Where did you get this singer, gals? This is our guest, the tankman,
lending a hand. The tankman? Well, Markovna,
take the ducks. A dozen fat ones,
for the girls’ lunch. You spoil them rotten, sir. That’s nothing. Let’s get
acquainted, comrade… – Klim Yarko.
– Yarko? The tankman? Well… From the East? – From the Far East?
– From the Far East. I see. Here, see this. You suit us. We need mechanics. Go to the technical support,
what are you doing with the girls? Or they’ll make a match for you,
let mosquitoes ram them. Oh, I’m no bridegroom.
Markovna’s my only match. But she – she won’t marry you. – Why?
– Have you seen her admirer? She has a model admirer! He guards water-melons,
shooting fat crows. That’s a magpie, may mosquitoes
ram her! What a pest! Well, gals, sing us a song. Sit down, Klim, we’ll listen. I love a good Ukrainian song. Lead on, Markovna! – Girls, is Maryana at home?
– She is! Hey, lad, pour me some! – Who are you?
– You talking to me? – Yeah, you.
– Oh, I’m just a passer-by. – OK, pour it.
– Move your crockery. Why’s that? Is it so hard? I don’t like it that you should
splash around here. And why’s that? I don’t know who you are, lad,
but I’m telling you, – stop hanging around here.
– Wait, – why are you so hot?
– Because. I’m Maryana’s fiance. And the jealous one,
I’m warning you. Oh I’m so jealous! You devil! Do you know the heavy tractor? I can turn it over by the wheel with my bare left hand. Bear it in mind! – Is Maryana home?
– She is. – Hello, fiancee!
– Hello, fiance! I’ve missed you, see? And I have a business to discuss. I keep my word,
I scare your admirers away. That one… The moron! Help me like a friend,
lend me some fuel, I don’t have a drop. But I don’t have any reserve.
Do you drink it, or what? Put yourself in my place,
I’m standing idle. – You should have a seat then.
– Come on, Maryana! I won’t. I’ve done it 3 times,
and you never returned it. – But I told you I’ll…
– Don’t even ask for it. – Maryana, please.
– Nazar! I’m here, Savka. We found it! The gas truck! Where is it? – There in the ravine.
– Let’s run for it. I didn’t see it,
but the people told me… Klim, where are you going? I’m leaving, Maryana, farewell. – To the tech-support?
– No, for good. What d’you mean, for good? Wait! You promised to stay. I’ll go to Ternovka,
we’ll be neighbors. Bye! Wait! Klim! Please stay, Klim. No way, thank you.
I should find myself a job. Why don’t you do it here? You promised to Kirill Petrovich,
too. Stay, will you? I’ve never asked anyone. No, I should be going.
You have a lot of nice lads here. Who can overturn a tractor
with one hand. Farewell. Kirill Petrovich! – What’s wrong?
– He’s gone! Catch up with him! – Who is gone?
– Gone! Quick! – Who?
– The tankman, Klim. – Oh that son-of-a-bitch!
– Quick, chase him! I dream of them, mechanics,
and you just let one go? I didn’t, he left himself! – Where?
– To Ternovka. May mosquitoes ram him! Quick, or he’ll go away! He won’t go far! I won’t allow it!
What’s going on around here? Ternovka again? – He’s a good mechanic.
– We’ll get him now. – He’s excellent!
– We’ll grab him now! Grab him please, only quick! Get him fast. – Hi there, tankman.
– How do you do, sir. – Where are you heading?
– To Ternovka. Why do you walk then?
Get in, I’ll give you a ride. – No, thanks.
– Get in, may mosquito ram you. – Where are you going?
– Sit tight. That a pest, that Ternovka. Sit! In summer, they intercepted
the fire-warden. Sit! They stole our accountant. I’m not an accountant, am I? At night, they made our
projectionist drunk and took him. Now they think of stealing you?
No way, may mosquitoes ram them. It’ll never happen! We’re
no worse than Ternovka. Don’t we have enough
good girls here? What? What’s the matter? Help, Nazar robs us of the fuel! – What d’you mean, robs?
– Our fuel, let him burn! I carried it, and he stopped me. I told him to let me go, but he
grabbed the wheel from me. – He’s a regular SOB!
– He told me, they were fuelless. He’s a bandit, not a foreman. – Where is he?
– Over there! We’ll get him now! – Nazar!
– Enough. Enough, you highwayman. Are you robbing with an axe now? You damned bull! You have no shame,
a disgrace to us. – Here’s another one.
– You’re here, too, red devil. Doing the same thing, eh? You lop-eared hare! What are you
doing, sorry burbot? I’ll get you! I’ll teach you,
the chief’s adjutant! You’re robbers, not tractor
drivers, may mosquitoes ram you. Roll the barrels back,
double-time! I’m displacing you, Nazar,
that’s it! Enough ceremonies with you. I order you to turn the team
to Klim Yarko. This one here. And you’ll remain a tractor
driver in his team. – Period.
– Is that it? – That’s it.
– Thank you. Have you seen the devil? And who he is? He’s Maryana’s fiance. – How do you know?
– Everyone does. It’s a great pity, such a great pity that this wonderful girl,
the award-winning shock-worker should choose
this scarecrow. This devil. Why are you silent? That’s right, but you can’t
command your heart. Are you plotting, all of you? Got to do something. Klim, come here. Listen, we have to put that devil straight. The firmer the better. So that we’re not ashamed to give this wonderful girl
in marriage. Got it? Yeah. But if it doesn’t work? If it doesn’t… – Then…
– Then what? We’ll ruin their marriage. Are we agreed? We are. But don’t deceive me. – I was displaced, boys.
– How come? – What for, Nazar?
– He’s telling tales. I was, dimwits. Why didn’t they ask us, lads? – Tell us everything.
– Speak up. – Who’s the new one?
– Who is he? Oh there is someone.
He’s coming here. What do you mean? What is this business?
We won’t allow this! We won’t accept him! – We’ll meet him alright!
– We’ll make a show of it. Here he comes. Thanks, comrade. Hi there, boys! Hello, my darling, I’ve been waiting for too long. You’ve come and found me, And I stand here dumbstruck! Hello, comrades! Hello, my darling, I’ve been waiting for too long. You’ve come and found me, And I stand here dumbstruck! Hey, who dances like this? That’s the way to do it! Come on, guys! That’s the way to do it, darling, and you stand there dumbstruck. That’s the legs. Only the legs! We’ll see how his head works. It’s just the legs, boys. But we’ll see about the head. – Could you step up here?
– Here you are. You’re invited. Now we’ll have a comedy, lads. Can you define it by ear what’s its malady? Cut it! Well, it’s clear. The 3rd cylinder has
a bad crank-pin. The 1st cylinder has the bush
worked off. And the valves are unregulated,
that’s three. Is it right, guys? – Nazar?
– Big deal. That’s right. And the reason for this, guys, is that the machine has not been
maintained properly. It was an orphan, unwashed, so it got offended. A good point. Whose machine is it? Who’s its master, guys? Whose machine is it? I’m asking you. – Savka!
– Go on, say it. This machine is that one’s… I did this, I mean,
and it did that… Who? Oh damn, I’m telling you,
it’s that one’s who… so it’s… Is it yours? Mine. You see, darling, so you stand
here dumbstruck. But it’s… To hell with you! Hi, guys! Give us some music! – Hello, fiance!
– Hi there! What, are you back? I had to. Like a mission. I had a special assignment. Nazar, our girls
decided to help you. You know, it’s a shame.
Your brigade is like a green thumb. Have you come to the rescue? Not so much of a rescue,
but something has to be done. Done what? We’ve come to drive
your tractors for you. To teach you. Show us, foreman,
the weaker ones. – There are none!
– We’ll check it. Hey, foreman… – Where are you going?
– Let’s go, guys. I’m the foreman. – You?
– Me. – Let me answer them, guys?
– Do it! I look at you, girls, in amazement. You’ve come, making a lot of
noise about a rescue mission. Instead of telling straight, like we missed you, boys. So we wanted to see you.
That’s neat! No, you invented
some rescue operation. To rescue whom? These guys? Us? These lions? They are lions! Are you kidding us? I was in your team.
Nothing special. You work OK. You work well. But we talked with the guys here. – And we think of beating you.
– Beating us? – Your hands are too short!
– We’re not worse than you. Right, chief! A point well made! But that’s not all. We’ve decided, after work, to learn tank-driving, one. Target-shooting, two. Working in gas-masks, three. – You’re not interested, girls.
– Why shouldn’t we be? We, the future Red Army soldiers,
can’t do without it! – We’ll cage those lions of yours!
– No cage will hold us! Thanks for your answer. Thank you too, comrades. But we, girls, won’t allow anyone to be ahead of us! – We won’t!
– Let’s go, girls! – Quite a guy!
– We’ll show you! They’ve come for the wool,
and left clean-shaven! – Kirill Petrovich!
– Hello, old man. – How’s it going?
– Going alright. – Do water-melons grow?
– What else can they do? – I’ll pick one for you.
– Please, do. Of course I will. – Well, well…
– Here, have this one. Great water-melon! Gee… Our land is so fertile… Your girls are coming. Maryana is flying high! In what sense, comrade director? – What happened?
– We’re being teased! Why? The boys will learn tanks and shooting, and we don’t have
one gas-mask in our team, nothing to shoot with, no books! What boys, what tanks,
may mosquitoes ram you? – I don’t understand anything.
– But to tease girls, do you get this? Klim moves his team to tanks and pushes us down.
Can you understand this? Now I can. So the tankman teaches
them the defense, right? Why do you cluck so much? May mosquitoes ram you!
We’ll teach it to you, too. For this I’ll give you… – Yefim Kovalenko.
– Do it, we’ll show them! They have Klim, we have Yefim! OK, old man. Treat us to your
water-melons! Fall to, girls. Several days passed… Wait, Nazar! – What’s the matter?
– It’s strolling, not working. That’s a tight game, Nazar, eh. Wait, Savka, we’ll talk. How should I understand it? 2.4 m. Not enough. It’s the norm! Are you a rank-and-file
tractor-driver? Well, I’m not. Hook it! – What shall we do?
– Hook it, Savka! C’mon, guys, we’ll hook it. Nazar, we have to talk. What is there to talk about, It won’t pull it. – It’s a new machine, right?
– Right. – And the ground is dry, right?
– Right. Try it then. What is there to try?
Don’t I know it? Stop! Hook it. – Climb in, Nazar.
– It won’t pull it. – Maybe it could.
– I tell you, it won’t. – Try it.
– Phew on it, goddamn it! Then I’ll try it. Guys, what’s up there? – Do it!
– Ready! – Can I?
– Move it! Guys, I told you, it won’t. You half-wit! That’s great, Nazar! It’s like this… And we didn’t
do it like that, but we should have. Wait! Get off. I’ll do it. Step on it, Nazar! Here we go, darling! Go for it, Nazar! So that’s what there is, guys. – Wow, 3.30 m.
– That’s quite something! – What about the depth?
– The depth? Wait, guys,
there’s something in there. What a depth! – German, since 1918.
– An officer’s. Lemme look. Who offed him? Yep, German officers quite lost
their heads on our land. So I look at this helmet, boys, and that’s what I think. I’m looking at this crashed German steel helmet, and I remember our glorious 1918. I see it like yesterday. So I want to recite a poem. There were winds above the steppe, There were guerrillas
in the gullies, So we defeated Germans
and wiped them Off our young Ukrainian soil! – That was quite a deed!
– Right on! The battle time is coming. The Germans are attracted to our land
again, may mosquitoes ram them. – So we’ll fight again.
– We’re all for it! – We’ll strike them!
– Like in 1918! So we have to be ready
for this fight every hour, so that not tricks or treats of our enemies could catch
us unawares. This is why Klim’s initiative to work, compete and teach defense to his lads
at the same time, has a special meaning. It’s the right initiative. A tractor, guys, is a tank. And a tank, guys, is… That’s what a tank is! A tank is a combat machine that combines armor,
fire and strike power. In every combat,
a tankman should be able to use the mobility of his machine, the force of its fire, and the power of its strike action. Tankmen support
the infantry’s advance, making a way for it through
different fortifications, destroy enemy weapon emplacements and enemies themselves
with their fire. P.Ivanov. The Tankmen A tankman should be enduring, calm and decisive. And handsome, too… Our armor’s fast,
and our tanks are fast, And our people are full of courage, Soviet tankmen
are aligned in formation, The sons of their great Motherland. Thundering with fire,
gleaming with their steel, The machines will move in their
furious march, When comrade Stalin
sends us into battle, And the first marshal leads
us into it! Do it, Sasha, good! Let the enemy, hiding in ambush,
remember, We’re aware, we’re watching him. We don’t need
a span of foreign soil, But we won’t yield an inch of our own. Thundering with fire, gleaming
with their steel, The machines will move
in their furious march. When the day of trial strikes – Our Fatherland will send us
into battle! And if the hardened
enemy comes upon us, He will be beaten everywhere, When our drivers
press their starters, And across the woods,
hills and streams, Thundering with fire,
gleaming with their steel, The machines will move
in their furious march, When comrade Stalin
sends us into battle, And the first marshal
leads us into it! Another one! The labor of our plants and fields Will be defended,
we’ll protect our country With the strike force of our guns, With our speed and our fire power! Thundering with fire,
gleaming with their steel, The machines will move
in their furious march. When the day of trial strikes – Our Fatherland will send us
into battle! Step on it, boys! So, guys, our Nazar is moving to a record. For 7 days,
he’s been fulfilling 2 norms. And before lunch today,
he’d finished 11.5 hectares. It means that by the nightfall,
he’ll have 23-24. It remains to be seen! It’s a fact. Beautiful job, guys. It’ll fit anyone. Guys, greetings to Nazar
Timofeyevich! – Congratulations, Nazar.
– Thank you, Klim. You’re doing 2 norms. Great! 3 plates of cabbage soup
with fat and garlic. – Eat, Nazar!
– The mail, guys! Kharitosha! A newspaper, please! Here you are, Nazar. Congrats! I’m tired. Give me some kvass. Hot-damn it! The tractor-driver Nazar Duma
with his S65 tractor does 2 norms a day. Guys… – Savka, what is it?
– It’s like this and that. Klim, what is it? Is it bad? Great guy! Attaboy, Nazar! That’s great! 2 norms a day,
may mosquitoes ram him! Well, Maryana, now I approve
it with all my heart. – Congratulations.
– Kirill Petrovich! Just a minute. Hello?
I’ll be there, no worries. – I’m coming.
– Sir, I… You should thank this man
for your fiance. He kept his word, he put your Nazar straight,
to his full capacity. – Listen, Kirill Petrovich…
– Wait. Speaking. What? What d’you mean,
no place to put it? What are you telling me?
I saw it myself. That’s another kettle of fish,
may mosquitoes ram it. – Sir, I…
– Thank the teacher. – I should tell you…
– Can I have you for a sec? Coming. Thank him, don’t be shy. Thank you, Klim. Don’t mention it. Oh Klim, so stupid. You made Nazar a real man for me,
you stupid. You little fool. You fool. That’s the right way to do it! Great! Where are you going? She’s just too shy, the fiancee! She’s running away! So, Klim, prepare Nazar’s wedding. The farm gives 2000 for that. You’ll
order him a suit and find a band. For Nazar? To hell with Nazar! I love Maryana myself! I won’t give her to anyone,
no Nazar, no demons or devils! – I won’t!
– Klim, you’re insane! You… want to grab a fiancee
from your comrade. – Breaking his happiness!
– But I love her! You should understand it! Maryana! If the birds sing, If the heart sings, It means the love has come. To say it simpler, To get it easier, Call the voice of the song
to help you. He’ll get it from your song, He’ll come to meet My tender and great heart… But he’s not coming. Oh, Klim… – Did you hear it?
– I did, Maryana. You know, I’ve been looking
for you all over the steppe. – Me too, Klim.
– I wanted to tell you… – Me too, Klim.
– Wanted to tell, I love you! – Me too, Klim.
– My darling… – But I thought…
– You’re stupid, Klim. – I thought, Nazar…
– You’re stupid, Klim. Now there can be no mistake! I saw the bridegroom myself,
may mosquitoes ram him. Well, forepeople,
congratulations. – When’s the wedding?
– When? – When the first snow comes.
– That’s right. Right after sowing, no?
Oh what a party we’ll have! For the entire district,
may mosquitoes ram it. And I drink this goblet
for the masters of earth, the grain-growers of our Motherland, tractor drivers, all of you,
may mosquitoes ram you. You’ve come from good roots, lads. You’re the scions of our
Motherland’s working flesh, that drove the aristocracy
to Warsaw, that taught the Germans
their lesson, and with their own blood won the power, land and Socialism. Be worthy of your fathers! Don’t let anyone destroy
your happiness. Fight and kick anyone who dares
to invade your land. Work, children! So that your Motherland blossoms
like a garden in spring. Live on, lads, and multiply. Be merry, may mosquitoes ram you. But every minute be ready
to stand up to your enemy! Be ready to move to tanks
from your tractors and strike a blow so powerful
that he… – Ready!
– Ready, Kirill Petrovich! Sing on, Nazar, as an answer
to Kirill Petrovich! – Answer from all of us!
– Do it, Nazar! The labor of our plants and fields Will be defended,
we’ll protect our country With the strike force of our guns, With our speed and our fire power! Thundering with fire,
gleaming with our steel, The machines will move
in their furious march. When the day of trial strikes – Our Fatherland will send us
into battle! – Answer him, Maryana!
– For all the girls! Let the enemy, hiding in ambush,
remember, We’re aware, we’re watching him. We don’t need
a span of foreign soil, But we won’t yield an inch
of our own! Thundering with fire,
gleaming with their steel, The machines will move
in their furious march. When the day of trial strikes – Our Fatherland will send us
into battle! To the newly-weds! And if the hardened
enemy comes upon us, He will be beaten everywhere, When our drivers
press their starters, And across the woods,
hills and streams, Thundering with fire,
gleaming with their steel, The machines will move
in their furious march. When the day of trial strikes – Our Fatherland will send us
into battle!

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