Tractor for kids | Moving Machines Compilation

(music) grade the road and get it down to bare gravel so that we can get some traction for the equipment and then we are probably going to need to cut all the straps and unload all this hay (music and machine noises) (beeping) (music) (muffled voice) (music and machine noises) 15 minutes, huh lemke you too hang in there (music and machine noises) how does my mustache look? good! so that didn’t work we all tried pulling on one spot it started ripping the trailer apart so we’re gonna unload a bunch of the hay with the tractor and get all the hay off and then try it again and then hopefully the trailer will be lighter and we’ll be able to get it up (machine noises) (music and machine noises) (music changes) whew! that’s a lot of snow (music and machine noises) whew! pieces of equipment try to hook up to the back of the trailer pull it up then we’re gonna go section by section until we get the whole truck up, that’s our plan (music and machine noises) to the road grader and we’re gonna hook the front of the road grader up to the massey see if we can’t make a train out of this thing and pull this semi out of the ditch (music and machine noises) keep with it, keep with it we’re almost off alright that should be good lets stop there (music and machine noises) that’s how you do it axe fam style woohoo (engine trying to start) (wind) (muffled talking) (music)

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    🤙🏼Richtig gut! Hört auch mal bei mir reim! Lasst Abo da… 🤙🏼 der EDISN

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