Tractor Safety

Hi I’m Douglas Goldie I’m an engineering instructor
at SRUC. My names John Malin and I’m a instructor assessor at SRUC. This is our top tips on
farm machine safety. My first top tip for tractors is before operating a machine make
sure you carry out a pre-use check and make sure the machine is fit for purpose. My second
top tip for tractors is make sure you understand and familiar with all the operating controls
inside the cab. My third top tip for tractors is to make sure to always take your time and
never rush when operating tractors. My fourth top tip is before exiting the cab make sure
and follow a safe stop procedure. My fifth top tip is when exiting or entering a machine
make sure and always face the machine and use handles and steps provided. If you require
any other further information you could contact the HSE or read their guidance notes. Of course
there’s no substitute for undertaking some certified training for this equipment.

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