Tractor Supply Company – Retail Stores

♪ Tractor Supply is not a big box retailer. They have a lot of opportunity. It’s a manageable atmosphere; growing company, full of excitement. The customer base here is just great. You can learn so much from the customers shopping here. It really does help me with my job. I’ve heard a lot about it, always shopped here and was looking for a local company to get involved with. I’ve been with Tractor Supply almost three years now. They have an awesome management in training program and I applied for that. I was hired in March, just right in the middle of spring, bounced right in guns a blazin’ and been here ever since, I really enjoyed it. I was in previous retail experience and I come in I was like, wow they really are following their mission and values, they really do, they treat you with respect, they train you, they work with you, you know. They have great ethics. It’s like a family. It’s a really big family. The number one is customer service. There’s always somebody that will greet you, can I help you today? I’ve been with the company right now for seven months. We continue to train. New people come in and we give them the product knowledge. No idea is a bad idea. They reward each and every Associate for making sales. Everybody wants to make the break room news. The break room news is somebody’s done a great job taking care of one of our customers. It’s one of those companies that continue to promote within and actually continue to grow. Tractor Supply’s a great career move because they’re growing so much right now. You gotta really like people and you gotta really be able to meet the customer at the door. I’m fortunate enough right now to have a manager in training of my own in the store right now. There’s a lot of opportunities to train him, get him “tractorized” as they say. The best thing that I like about it is I can get up honestly and say I enjoy it and I get to go to work. If you’re looking to move up, you’re looking to promote, you’re looking to make a better life for yourself and you have that drive and you have that initiative I would recommend it to anybody. I am excited about being here but I am driven to go to the next level and I know the sky’s the limit for me. All day long baby, all day long, work hard, have fun, make money. That’s us.

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