Is that a pitcher pump on our well already? What the $#@? Wow. I can’t believe it. I looked over there and was like what, did he put some kind of extension on it? I can’t believe we didn’t even see it when we drove up here the first time. There it is, it’s out. That is so cool. wow Oh my God. that is awesome. That is so awesome… it feels so nice and cold I want to drink some right now.

6 comments on “TRACTOR SUPPLY PITCHER PUMP SURPRISE – Works great!”

  1. Linda Cummings says:

    HURRAY!   I am so pleased that you are now the proud owners of a pitcher pump.  I'm sure that living on your beautiful property makes you feel more connected to something bigger than yourselves.  I always felt that pumping water put my human experience in perspective in a way that made me feel humbled and blessed.  Enjoy, Friends.

  2. Ray Hayden, J.D. says:

    That is fantastic! Our well still has the original pitcher pump in the room! Watching and Supporting – LIKING another video!

  3. old school with a modern twist says:

    awesome video,, brought back memories from long ago,,,

  4. Rhizomatic Movement says:

    Water is life!

  5. Hidden Valley Homestead says:

    Oh so cool!

  6. Randy Davis says:

    I just installed one and I was wondering if anyone has advise on how to keep the pvc pipe from freezing and bursting in winter months

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