Trailer: Tractor Ted All About Tractors

In this film we look at tractors. We visit a factory and see them actually being built. There’s the cab… …and there go the wheels! (song) Tractors… I love tractors (song) Oooh! The wheels are big and round (song) Oooh! They make a broom-broom sound (song) In the fields and on the road they go (song) As they pass I shout “hello” We also visit a farm and see some ducks going for a swim. And we see some tractors at work… a rake… a baler… and a very smart bale wrapper.

6 comments on “Trailer: Tractor Ted All About Tractors”

  1. Kcaj Animates says:


  2. papa jho says:


  3. MatthijsGames NL says:

    1:03 Kuhn dlc!!!

  4. Saheblal Saheblal says:

    ilov tractor

  5. Big Brynes says:

    Tractor ted, lemme fina C L A P T H E M C H E E K S

  6. LittlePeoplePlay says:

    So awesome!

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