Truck Mounted Crane Crushes Rigger

Crane Hazards Accident Examination 1 Truck Mounted Crane Crushes Rigger – 1 Fatality Two men were unloading steel beams from a trailer using a truck mounted crane. The outriggers on the crane were fully extended and set. The rigger and his helper walked with each load, controlling it with taglines. The crane operator lifted each load and swung the crane to his right, about 180 degrees and lowered the beams to the ground. During the unloading the foreman approached to talk with the rigger’s helper. When the unloading was finished, the crane operator began to put away the rigging and stow the crane. The foreman left but the riggers helper remains standing beside the outrigger. As the operator swung the crane into the stowed position the riggers helper was crushed between the crane cab and the outrigger he was leaning against. What went wrong? The swing radius of the crane was not barricaded to prevent employees from entering a hazardous zone. The crane operator should have kept visual contact with his helpers at all times. An audible signal should be installed on the crane to warn employees of the crane’s movement.

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