Universal DAF truck in Germany – new crane HYVA 23tm

My name is Axel Höffges, I ‘m Application Engineer with Hyva Germany. I am standing here at the new crane line Hyva HC231. The new crane series is very easy to install
and the stability test is easy to handle. This makes it extremely safe for the user and also for us to do. The large operator’s display, which we see here makes all important information visible at a glance, both for the user and for the technician. All errors which can occur, all parameter settings
and all weights can be seen and adjusted here. The Dynamic Load Diagram shows us, after deploying the legs, whether we can lift the load at that point, even before we unfold the crane. This shortens set-up time so that we can check in advance if operation is possible. The function of automatically folding and unfolding with only one lever, makes it very easy for the user and reduces the incorrect operations. Hello, my name is Heiko Holtgrewe, DTS-Containerdienst + Handels GmbH. I am the manager of the company and have been using cranes for 10 years in our company. The main tasks of our cranes are the construction material supply on site, and the transportation of machinery. Recently we have Hyva cranes HC231 in our company.
We are very satisfied with the crane, everything works perfectly. For us it is very important the versatility of the crane
and the possibility of transporting and loading small and large cargos. For us it was very important the easy use and the handling with the multifunctional radio remote control. The big display give us all the relevant data,
that makes the operation very easy and quick to do our work.

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