Unloading Motorcycles from our Tractor Trailer

hey guys today I’m not on the bike yet
today you’re gonna get the bikes down with me so here’s the truck
there’s the rebel there’s the drum they’re mess because we’ve done went
through a couple snow storms but my helmet that on and let’s see how we get
these bad boys down ladies this is a rare scene it’s an
asshole in his natural environment so what okay well sounds going crazy so
what you watching so what you just missed was the ramps got moved from
being held on with that strap right there on the back to the truck the man is undoing the straps on the
front if I was a good girl I would go help him
but well we all know I’m not a good girl I mean and
you let me get behind in cash pass I hope so I’m not then I can make a meme
of you falling down this is my little drum it’s 200 pounds part of the reason
we have a little baby bike is because it’s easy to do that with and to put it
back up we do the same thing except we have it on and gently put it in first
gear and off we go so that is how it gets gummed down then we just slide the
ramps to the side when we’re ready and here is the rebel okay so get out of the
way the camera what’s wrong some crackhead what are you doing there
you have me to pull the bike in a little bit oh he thinks he’s smart why you got man muscle
we plug this little controller in oh you’re gonna do it all do it all and then we use battery power from the
big booty Judy there she’s the red beast well Matt big red
piece not this little red face there’s a winch over there not me I’m not to win and I think I don’t tells you but we
don’t here couple winter storms we’re in Kansas now they’re getting three feet of
snow up in Wyoming it’s 60 degrees here actually a little warm standing still
once we get riding they’ll be cooler yes we do got types ordered for the core
bikes but for now we still get to ride them so we’re happy with it I got a set
on this one makes it easier for him then drop it oh
this is a mess hope you see that the sun’s glare in more ways than one
and we’ll lift that he’ll push the button take that back up and we’ll tuck
the dogs in for their nap and go on an adventure that literally took us two

4 comments on “Unloading Motorcycles from our Tractor Trailer”

  1. Torsee says:

    “An asshole in his natural environment “. Hilarious!

  2. Scott Real says:

    Moe. You're too funny.

  3. buster tim says:

    There a another large car in the back ground at the first of the video

  4. Gary Everly says:

    Hey you guys please Becareful on your bike i lost my bother a month in a motorcycle accident been a while since I last saw you in video's sorry I haven't been able to keep up with you guys hope your doing well

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