VDOT: Robot mowers

My name is Ricky Cauthorne I’m a Maintenance Operations Manager at the Ashland residency. My name is Adam Bulluck. I’m a Transportation Operator II. We were looking for some innovative ways to do things
we’ve typically done in the past with crew members And as you can see here, the slopes on here are pretty steep and if you had to have three or four or
five people walking with weed eaters, it can be pretty dangerous. The Green Climber — we got it to help our efficiency help us out as far as safety maintaining the basins. The operator is not sitting on the piece of equipment. He’s standing back and he can see anything that may
encroach in the area where’s he’s working at. You can go up to 500 feet away from the machine and still operate it which allows you to be in a safe area
and the machine can go and do the work and you can keep a good visual on it. It just makes my job a lot easier and a lot safer and it’s a lot more efficient. You can take one piece of equipment such as this
and use it for a multitude of things. I’m sure we’ll find other uses for it in the future. I’m always for finding a better way, a more
efficient way, a safer way of doing our job for all of our employees here at VDOT. If there’s a better way of doing it where we can save time and we can save money, and be safer, I’m all for that.

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