Vertigo Effect w/ Zhiyun Crane 2 & Servo Follow Focus [Sony a7III]

Hey everyone! what’s going on? It’s Srod
Almanara and this is the channel where music photography and filmmaking are one
if you like this kind of content make sure to be subscribe, ok? This time I want to show you a new
couple of accessories that I’ve got from Zhiyun for my favorite Gimbal the Zhiyun Crane 2, for example we have here that Mini Dual Grip that is awesome! we have
here, the 5.5″ monitor from Zhiyun and of course the new follow focus
system and I have very good news for you because this is now included in the
package if you order a new Zhiyun Crane 2 Awesome right?. Now that we’re here in
this playground with Carla, say hi Awesome
I want to show you what you could do with this follow focus system. You can
zoom out and Zoom in of course but what happened if you combine a dolly shot
with the zoom in and zoom out? that is called the Vertigo Shot and let me show
you what it is. In order to do this you need a Zoom Lens and of course the
follow focus system all right those were the Vertigo Shots
I know that I need more practice but come on this used to take 4 people to
do it in the past, now only a guy with the camera and a Zhiyun Crane 2 can do it.
All right we just come back from the beach and we took a lot of footages with
the Crane 2 and the new accessories such as the mini dual grip and
and the new follow focus system We also tested this new camera here the
Sony a7 III with different profiles like Slog-2, Cine 4, Cine 2 with
60 frames per second, 120 frames per second and it was pretty amazing, as a hybrid shooter I love this camera but let’s talk more
about it in another video in the meantime just take a look at the
footages we took in that beach (bitch) Say hi thanks so much for watching this video
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3 comments on “Vertigo Effect w/ Zhiyun Crane 2 & Servo Follow Focus [Sony a7III]”

  1. avpfilms says:

    Great setup!

  2. Kenedy Torcatt says:

    Esta genial… El agarradero de abajo donde va el monitor donde lo compraste? Los estuve buscando! Espero me puedas comentar un enlace de eso gracias!

  3. Micah Johnson says:

    thanks forn the review…great shots!

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