Wednesdays With Weingartz RedMax Reciprocator

Welcome to Wednesday’s with Weingartz.
I’m Ron Weingartz. Today I’m here to talk about the RedMax reciprocator. The
reciprocator has been out for many years, probably 15, 20 years now and it’s really
a multi-use tool. You can trim edge, use it to hedge clip, pruner, basically the
reciprocator as it states, these blades reciprocate back and forth. So the advantage you have with this is it’s not going to throw things like a typical
revolving blade. So these blades will kind of just work back and forth and it’ll
slice through there. So this has a lot of applications. If you have a pond I
can attach to this, I did this at my dad’s house. You can go around your pond and cut around cut those cattails down around the pond and it’s not gonna
throw. You really couldn’t do that with the spinning blade, it’d be very
unsafe and hard to do. You could actually take it underwater because it
is a sealed gear box. You’ll see golf courses using this around their bunkers. You can as I mentioned use it as a pruner so you can actually trim some light branches on trees or as a hedge clipper. Because it’s
reciprocating it gives it multiple applications and even like I mentioned
as an edger. It leaves a nice crisp line for doing
around those flowerbeds. So it’s really a multi-use tool. It’s been around a long time and does a great job, very versatile but kind of one of those great specialty tools to have in the garage.

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  1. Brian's Lawn Maintenance says:

    Looks like a great tool 👍

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