Weiss Brothers Precast Bridge Segment by Cranes Etc TV

In this accessory review we look at a
precast concrete bridge segment by Weiss Brothers. As stated on the box the slings
shown on the photo are not included but let’s open up and see what’s inside. We
have a small bag containing four lifting bolts and nuts, and nicely packed in the
black foam rubber is the precast bridge section. Well, if you’re going to ask to
see the assembly, the only thing to do is to attach the lifting bolts and there
are four of them and they each drop in easily enough, and they are secured at
the bottom by attaching the nuts. The first thing to say is that the part is not
made of metal because otherwise it would be too expensive and too heavy, so
instead it’s made of resin. The moulding details are good because they include
the opposite interlocking patterns on both sides of the segments, and the grey
concrete colour looks good enough too. The holes where stressing strands would go
through are formed but not complete. but you can see one hole here that’s drilled
right through. At the ends there are blocks with replica reinforcement
sticking out but it would have been nice if the bars had been a different colour.
But overall the details are good so let’s see how much the segment weighs,
and on the Cranes Etc weighbridge it’s about one and a half pounds or 700 grams. So what can we do with a load like this?
And the first thing we can try is to put it on a heavy haulage vehicle and of
course this looks good driving around the Cranes Etc yard, but maybe a headroom
problem on a road. But here we are on site and we’re going to use a big Manitowoc to lift the segment in the way that the box anticipates. So we’ve got
four lifting strops with shackles and we can attach those to the lifting points
on the segment. The lifting eyes on the bolts were a little bit of a tight fit
on the review model, but with a little bit of cleaning out the shackles can be
fitted easily. Once all the shackles are fitted we get
the all-clear to commence the lift. It is a large piece so you need a pretty
big crane to lift it off and in this case we’re using a Manitowoc MLC650. Up
she goes with some uncontrolled swinging that knocks the heads of everybody who’s
standing nearby, but apart from that the lift is perfect. In real life slings like
this probably wouldn’t be used because of the sideways loading on the bolts so
I asked the Cranes Etc engineers if a lifting frame could be made and they
laughed in my face! So I made one myself and they’re not laughing now. With the
lifting find the load on the bolts is purely vertical. I previously mentioned
the holes through a segment so if you had more than one segment and some threaded
rod you could build yourself a whole viaduct. This is another very nice load from
Weiss brothers. The resin casting is very good and it’s nice that if you’ve got
more than one you can interlock the sections, and it’s a flexible load
because you could either stick it on some transport, or hang it from a crane,
so overall it’s a nice solid piece which is very good.

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    Fantastisches Video und zwei wunderschöne Modelle

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    Can you make a video for your set up ?

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    those big nuts and bolts though …

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    Top,,,, Fantástico,,,,

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    It would be smarter if it was a whole bridge and you put it together so it can be loads then built up that would be smart..

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    I always try to think of ways to make the plastic look like real concrete, because it seems to be a bit of an issue with some models. but I can't come up with any good ones. Something that comes to mind is getting a powder that is the concrete color and gluing it to the outside, but I have no idea how that would turn out.

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