What can you expect after Hard Rock crane demolition?

65 comments on “What can you expect after Hard Rock crane demolition?”

  1. Tricks & Riffs says:

    Reminds me of 911

  2. John Timmins says:

    This is what happens when you have an "idiot"
    in charge

  3. L G says:

    The lady that spoke sounds stupid

  4. don brassco says:

    Its Done😈

  5. revolution revelation says:

    All our technology we have the bring these cranes down in this manner

  6. Dan az says:

    Sounds like city inspectors were on the take again. And the mayor is doing the cover up.

  7. Captain Sal says:

    This is what happens when you use unskilled illegal aliens to work on a project

  8. Bruce Dressel says:

    Delusional numbskull free masons …

  9. Radioactive Banana says:

    Of coarse you want complete demolition! You all want to cover your asses for your crimes! Take back NO from the crazy freemason lying, criminal gov! WE DON'T TRUST YOU! WE DON'T BELIEVE IN YOU! NWO PSYCHOPATHS MUST GO! NO Govs #2020 – I think we have seen enough of govs in history and all their evil ways – govs must go and people must rule again because govs always lead to crime!

  10. LC MARK says:

    CORRUPTION and incompetence on full display

  11. Sunday Weiss says:

    Were the crane operators Union with osha certifications?

  12. John S says:

    Well calculated and precise demolition of cranes.

  13. Bobby Likes says:

    Who is the woman on the left???

  14. Pat McBride says:

    They obviously did not hire Controlled Demolition Incorporated for the crane demo.
    Sloppy work.

  15. *BROTHER WOLF* says:

    I believe the investigation will reveale substandard concrete strength testing and out of sequence placements. Short cuts and kick back's. It's the N O WAY.

  16. 2WheeledWanker ! says:

    Symbolism at its finest. Down came the twin towers

  17. cathy dupont says:

    Babies still inside…? Wow just wow…

  18. Frank Edward Stone says:

    Why build anything when you will be underwater in the near future?

  19. Mark Kleindorf says:

    I don't. Speak Spanish what did he say. RUN green Go!!!

  20. A a says:

    What a joke , is this really happening?

    A distraction.

  21. Mike's road trip 2017 says:

    The concrete wasn't set long enough on the lower floors. They were behind on the job. So they rushed putting up the upper floors. Once they took out the supports the lower floors couldn't hold the weight. So it collapsed.

  22. Kent Hall says:

    10 Mexicans would have climbed the masts, formed a pass line and had the cranes dismantled and loaded on flatbeds before lunch.

  23. CAt From Outer Space says:

    I MYself do Nott Expect Anything From Humen
    that is -Good -Sound -Moral -Honest or -Honorable
    -But You can Expect -More Staged Crane Disasters
    As this wasnt the First "MIShap" w| a Crane 🏗
    sum Kinda theme going on w| Cranes -as of late

  24. CAt From Outer Space says:

    that was an Obvious Controlled Demolition
    the Explosives were placed in Key Positions
    to bring disaster –


  25. Mickael Williams says:


  26. Ромашка 1941 says:

    Demolition by the same people who were building this hotel. Total clusterfuck

  27. Ken Rose says:

    Number 1..I will not go to that Hard Rock there in New Orleans when it's built
    2…they need to tear the whole thing down & rebuild it correctly with union contractors

  28. truth and common sense warrior says:

    If that's leadership, we are in serious trouble.

  29. MrDrewthat says:

    That appeared to be one colossal mistake demolished on top of a different colossal mistake decided by individual who appear to be a complete colossal joke.

  30. Free Clarence Sherrard says:

    What? There are still bodies in there? Wtf

  31. Bill Schipper says:

    Wonder why they didn't disassemble the cranes piece by piece then use helicopters to remove them.??

  32. Trigger Warning says:

    Why did they blow up perfectly good cranes again? I know one fell down but how did that effect the two that were standing?

  33. universalchiro says:

    I wonder if the company hired to take down the cranes was the same company the government hired to implode World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7.

  34. t m says:

    Doesn't that exploding and falling look familiar

  35. Randy Marsh says:

    Jesus fucking Christ . People died because someone was tasked with something that is beyond their means . It’s so easy for a mayor to say “nothing salvaged” when it’s the tax payers footing the bill . RIP to any workers who lost their life at the hands of a clearly incompetent management .

  36. DigitalXrisXros says:


  37. forrest gump V says:

    What a joke they have made of themselves. Mayor is dumb as a box of rocks. Fire chief is a puppet suckass. Lying about the crane demolition and cost. Typical Louisiana BS.

  38. Mike Brady says:

    The blonde on the left has a sexy cut on those jeans.

  39. Wes McGee says:

    Heckuva note. 2 dead. Now the demolition will cost more than the shoddy existing structure.

  40. Gray Lensman says:

    I suspect concrete flooring was poured to fast for proper curing and once the top floor went everything pancaked, just like 9-11, just not all the way down.

  41. Barry Boppins says:

    Should have put some containers down. Instead of just the road.

  42. Manko Kennewick says:

    We can expect to hear about how corrupt the whole system is down there.

  43. M.A. M.R. says:

    It’s crazy the Mexican concrete workers were the ones blowing the whistle on the temporary support beams bending and concrete sinking.

  44. BSNFabricating says:

    Set some "uncontrolled office fires". That'll bring the building down in eight hours at the most.

  45. BROTHER MAN says:

    I'm from new Awlins and I know we will burn this mf down before we let hard rock set up a lemonade stand in our city now

  46. SirWrecksy says:

    "too be clear I don't want…"
    yeah, when you work at Taco Bell and your ego won't shut up

  47. catlaw1997 says:

    Massive screw ups and they know it. You can see it in their body language.

  48. Charles Bates says:

    How about clearing out all the illegal aliens you had working there?

  49. Carlos Hernandez says:

    :32 thats the sign for utilities , the deaf are confused

  50. John says:

    Take it down aka meaning "I want to scam as much $ off the tax payers" as I can…..this is called CORRUPTION AT ITS FINEST!

  51. John Prendergast says:

    New Orleans is always short on cash and long on politics …"The city care forgot" is what it is …)))

  52. chuck yeager says:

    Both cranes could have been dismantled, dismantling sequence would have lessened the load on the tilt.

  53. Charlie Odom says:

    So, let me get this straight: the cranes were supposedly unsafe to be taken down by normal methods, so instead, they sent a team of workers onto the cranes for several days to set all the explosives and wires needed to blow them up.

    What kind of fucking logic is this? They could have easily taken the cranes down with conventional methods.

  54. Joe Boscarino says:

    Lowest bid , again.

  55. latham area says:

    Notice they didn’t show the Crane that didn’t come down..Should of hired the company that took down building 7

  56. huswsimonbla says:

    That mayor looks so crooked..

  57. Phil X says:

    The mayor probably wants this removed so there is no evidence that the city ALSO screwed up. The approval processes before this was built was probably reviewed by experts and APPROVED. Otherwise this would not have moved fwd. 2. The inspectors from the city, just signed off on crap like this and they just moved forward with construction ????!!!

  58. Dallas Davis says:

    you will see coverups of how the building was not built to code and with materials that was not strong enough to support the open areas
    the families of the workers that was killed need to sue for 100 million each

  59. LETKON says:

    Schämt euch! Ich würde so eine traurige, hirnverbrannte und sinnlose Scheisse niemals zeigen. Das ist der Videobeweis für Dummheit im großen Stil! Made in U.S.A 👎👎👎

  60. Roland Roy says:

    So how is that they can climb up on the cranes and place bombs on them but can't climb them to take them apart,,am I missing something here?? 🤔

  61. Just bad luck!? says:

    Who owns the property

  62. Society News Network says:

    I can read sign language. She was just throwing gang signs

  63. Christopher Stehn says:

    I don’t like the TelePrompTer

  64. KC Bosch says:

    It sure feels like they are rushing to demolish this thing so there will be no evidence of the corruption which caused the disaster.

  65. Smith CommaJohn says:


  66. 1986tredie says:

    Yep….that made it safer.

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