What comes in Crane M2 Box ? UNBOXING

hey what is going on guys welcome back
to the channel man today is gonna be a special video man because we got this
this xenon crane and – man xenon clean em – so it’s gonna be a general unboxing
of it man what to expect when you get this man as soon as you got out of the
package what to expect when you see one of these okay okay
so now this coming from like I don’t use cranes or I’ve never used a cream
product before actually never really use the gimbal so I don’t know not know how
to unbox these things I don’t really do one boxing videos as you guys clearly
know man but we’re gonna attempt to do an unboxing video right now for you guys
okay so I cut that open flip it like this and let’s see what we get
let’s pull that out you get the case I think this is this is what is this what
is this your service card and the instruction book that’s what you get in
this ok the service card and the instruction book packaging is really
nice I’m telling you feel it feels premium like it doesn’t feel like cheap
tops to the side this is what it comes in right here see this box this is a
real nice box it’s really small because I do a lot of traveling and you guys
know man I travel to the Philippines a lot I really like the Philippines and I
want to do some cinematic b-roll and all that good stuff man so let’s see what’s
actually in this bad boy right here man Zeon okay and i will stay c on did send
me this what i actually ordered one myself way before they even send me it i
have a second one actually i have a second one i got two of these now so
maybe i’ll do a giveaway let me know in the comments down below if you guys i’m
gonna do a giveaway okay let’s open this up okay so i will tell you this box what
people are missing this young case here it’s more like a hard foam it’s not
really a plastic this is foam like honestly this box feels like hard foam
like a really dense foam that’s what it feels like a really dense foam opening
up the box we see what is this this looks like a wrist
strap you get a wrist strap guys can see get a wrist strap right there there’s
your wrist strap okay is your wrist strap that’s what comes in
the box put it back I like keeping my stuff real neat man
I’m that kind of person where I keep my things organized so even though this box
I find is made out of hard foam it’s pretty compact and everything fits in
here so nicely okay let’s see what we got I’m gonna pull out the critter
actual crane m2 man because I wanted something super small cool look at this
look at this guys this thing is tiny you guys watch my head you guys know I have
a big head man look this look at this this thing is tying it to my head and
this is something like that I actually really wanted cuz I want something I can
fit in my travel bag and my travel bags are really small cuz actually used
Sony’s line up the cameras man I use a Sony what a 5100 I used Sony a 6400
those of my two main cameras I try to keep light when I’m traveling super
light okay let’s see what else we in the box okay so you get some the wire and
guess that’s what you got you get the mounting plate but this
looks like the phone holder man the phone hole is made on metal so it’s
super strong I don’t think it’s gonna break anytime soon this is not gonna
break you could throw this for them when they throw it at someone I eat only
people like yo Mike it’s possible and this will knock them out and keep on
going okay that’s what it’s get this is the tripod the mini tripod you get the
mini tripod right there you see that’s the mini tripod before you get as well
mini tripod this is a strap right get the strap and I’m not too sure what this
is man comment down below if you guys know what this is I have no idea what
this is but this way you get as well put a extra screw it is there anything else
in the box holder is not okay so this way again this is what you get to see on
clean all this right here you get in the package this person of the box the crane
itself charging cord connected plate the phone phone adapter the mini tripod to
attach the bottom the wrist strap and I’m not too sure what this is oh this is
a quick plate radiator right here this goes right here that’s what you get as
well okay there’s one thing I am noticing one thing that I’m noticing
that you don’t get you don’t get the outlet there’s no outlet plug you don’t
get any outlet plug to plug it in so how the hell do they expect you to charge it
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planning to do more videos of this and do some walkthroughs because this is
gonna be a very useful tool I find for my travel videos and so make sure you
guys subscribe if they like but a comment down below alright anyways I
know that was a hard unboxing to do but I did it I did it
alright catch guys necks alright peace

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  1. Freddy PalaBoY says:

    getting ready huh.. πŸ˜€

  2. KharlCez gaming says:

    zhiyun is perfect for your travel brother!! Zhiyun so tiny & ready to gooπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• !!! I hope i got one.. sadly no budget huhuhu hahahahah

  3. irene Paras says:

    To make every one a true filmmaker of their daily lives, ZHIYUN brings a new handheld stabilizer designed for multiple devices for users of all levels. Featuring a more easy-to-use quick setup system and smart lock design, as well as six creative operation modes, CRANE-M2 easily goes wherever you go and offers endless possibilities to your everyday creation.

  4. BlitzDaBeast says:

    Can y’all Subscribe to my channel because it is my birthday

  5. John wesley Auguis says:

    Plssss.. Can I have that one.???πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  6. Lawrencr Elamparo says:

    Yay would surely love to have that 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Fely Dulnuan says:

    Hey O,M,H……i hope to have one like that.it is very comfortable for travel.my name is Fely Dulnuan working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong.my adress is white jade # 51 .7 Flor,STUBS,ROAD. HONG KONG. I HOPE YOU DON'T MIND THANKS A LOT.

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