Where to farm Wisp (Warframe)

The Blueprint, Chassis, Neuroptics & Systems
of the Warframe Wisp can only be farmed on the Ropalolyst node on Jupiter. That mission will be available to play once
you complete the Ganymede Node on Jupiter & every quest up to & including the Chimera
Prologue. A full list is up on your screen, if you need
it. This video’s footage has heavy spoilers
for the Warframe Story. So if you’re new to the game make sure to
complete the listed missions before continuing. Let us begin. Each part of Wisp drops from the Ropalolyst
& the actual part will be shown in the end of mission screen. The Blueprint has a 22.56% chance to drop
& the Chassis, Neuroptics & Systems share a 25.81% drop chance. It’s highly recommended that you acquire
an amp either through Onkko in Cetus on Earth or Little Duck in Fortuna on Venus. Once you’ve unlocked the node and you are
in mission, head to the waypoint, go down the elevator and wait for the cutscene. As soon as the cutscene ends, switch to your
operator, deplete the Ropalolyst shields using your amp and make your way to one of the three
giant capacitors via the power lines. As soon as you go to the power lines and you’re
on them, the Ropalolyst will move to the capacitor and start casting electric attacks onto the
power lines. Avoid the electricity by jumping over the
top of them or moving to another line. Once you’re at the Capacitor make sure to
quickly move behind it as the Ropalolyst will reposition as soon as you get to the platform
and fire a hard hitting beam towards you. When you’re standing behind the capacitor
the Ropalolyst Attack will overcharge it, which is easily identified by the particle
shift. At this point you want to wait for the attack
to finish and then wait for a clear jump towards the Ropalolyst and when close press your action
key. Doing so will execute a short animation and
once that ends you will start to control the beast. Direct it into the charged capacitor. Once you’ve done that, it’ll get fried
and both of you will return to the centre platform. Here a few amalgam enemies will spawn, so
take them out first and then aim & shoot at one of the two synovia on its back until destroyed. When the synovia is destroyed run to the panel
shown on screen and use your action key to activate a giant electrical beam. Repeat the process one more time and another
group of amalgams will spawn. Kill them before attacking the Ropalolyst
to make your life easier. With the second capacitor & synovia destroyed,
repeat the process again for the third time, but once you return to the centre platform
this time around, a number of sentients will spawn. Kill them, and once dead, release your damage
on any area of the beast to damage the Ropalolyst. When the health bar is depleted quickly activate
the terminal for the last time to kill the boss. With the Ropalolyst dead a short transition
will play out. Extract by following the marker and as stated
earlier your wisp part & an amalgam mod will be shown on the end of mission screen. Rinse and repeat this process until you have
all 4 blueprints and then you can start the build process. You will have to undergo numerous runs to
acquire each part & blueprint, as it is all RNG. The Neuroptics of wisp cost 300 Hexenon, 2
Tellurium, 950 Plastids, 2,200 polymer bundle and 15,000 credits. The Systems cost 400 hexenon, 2 nitain extract,
950 rubedo, 10,000 salvage & 15,000 credits. The Chassis costs 500 hexenon, 1 argon crystal,
700 oxium, 2,750 alloy plate and 15,000 credits. Each of those parts will take 12 hours to
complete and once you’ve built those parts you’ll need 3 orokin cell & 25,000 credits
and the build time like usual will be 72 hours.

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    The same goes for actual frame/weapon tips if you want to expand on something I never covered.

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    Alternatively: write "THICC" on a piece of paper, bury it, water it, wait 3 days and you'll have Wisp

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    well, i just finished the second dream and i'm looking forward to farm her, is she worth it?

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    Video summed up: The old moth/lämp meme. Really though, giving a warframe giant bug zapper as a boss fight was pretty funny.

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    Me and my friends just call the Ropalolist the Oompa Loompa after he misheard me once.

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