Wii Sports Resort PAL / NTSC -U from USB Loader GX [also English subtitles] With 002 error fix

Tutorial: how to start your Wii sports Resort PAL backup
from USB Loader GX required file:
RZTP01.dol obtain RZTP01.dol
ONLINE method Copy Paste obtain RZTP01.dol OFFLINE method
required: WIIScrubber, Wii Sports Resort backup Rename Copy Paste instert the SD card into Wii.
Settings USB Loader GX Start Settings Error 002 fix: ON, Alternate dol: Dol form SD
Save, Back WII MOTION PLUS Video
Watch it all and press A. You will back to system meu Start settings Alternate dol: OFF
Save, saved successfully OK, Back Were created to save the data
of Wii Sports Resort. Supports the wii remote on a flat surface. Launched! OK Enjoy
Thanks for watching

60 comments on “Wii Sports Resort PAL / NTSC -U from USB Loader GX [also English subtitles] With 002 error fix”

  1. Roger Stiller says:

    io lo faccio..nn parte…mi appaiono una serie di video da scegliere…ho il wii 3.2 …dipende da quello??

  2. Roger Stiller says:

    forse il video obbligatorio me lo sono gia sorbito con grand slam tennis…passando alla fase 2 non va lo stesso…nn so come mai..ho risolto con l' homebrew coverflow.

  3. MisterCasket says:

    wait…first you download the RZTP01.dol file, and copy it to SD card. then you extract the player file, rename it RZTP01 and also copy it to the SD card, but what happened to the downloaded RZTP? it is gone on your card, and why need to download it, as all you do is rename the Player file to RZTP and copy that? Confusing…

  4. MisterCasket says:

    okay, gotcha! But anyway, grazie for your vid, it helped me getting this game working!

  5. betocool says:

    O test

  6. rohan malik says:


  7. rohan malik says:

    please help me i do not have a usb or sd and i have a motionplus and i want to know how to remove error 002 using wii patcher please help me sos SOS SOS!!!!!thanks a ton god grant the persons wish who answers this pklease!!!

  8. Alan Torres says:

    u need wiiscrubble, with that program, u load the .iso, then in the part "data" u extract the "maindol" and with the "GenericWiiPatcher" load the "maindol" and with that u can fix the error 002, then u press save, and go back to the "WiiScrubble" and in the maindol right click and press in "replace" and replace it with the "maindol" u have patched…

  9. rohan malik says:

    it does not work in wii sports resort this way thanks for you effort but please if you know some other way please tell me but without using sd or usb i dont have them and cant get them in india.but still thanks enanont

  10. Alan Torres says:

    but the way i tell you, you don't need a SD or USB, all the process you have to do it in your computer :D, and after all, u have to burn the dvd with the "new" patched wiisport resort you made…

  11. rohan malik says:

    enanont this method does not work with wii sports resort i tried the same with sum other of my games it worked but in wii sports resort it does not pls help thnx!!!

  12. Alan Torres says:

    well so i don't know what to say….u have to find a SD, find someone that can give it just for a day

  13. bkziter says:

    when i do this i don't have the option to turn the error 002 fix on, and i have unlocked the USB Loader. i only get the first 5 options for Wii Sports Resort, please help.

  14. bkziter says:

    okay, is the manager link that you have up the have up the latest version?

  15. Dan Mendoza says:

    any help for the problem of USB device not found because I have a hard time of loading usb loader gx. By the way I have a WII version 3.3E. Thanks

  16. Dan Mendoza says:

    mediafire link is dead

  17. Ruben Antonio Mejia May says:

    exelente es un muy buen tutorial me ayudo a reparar mi problema

  18. Henrym3089 says:

    if i used ios35 to hack my wii. and if i install cIOS36 rev10 will this ruin my wii4.1U. or are they different?

  19. sert111 says:

    it worked…yay

  20. Andres Rojas says:

    not really i got the ios 36 on my wii and it's VER 4.1 BUT ONE PRBLEM IS THE SERIAL NO.

  21. vagany says:

    Hello I need help, i got this game in Italy but I live in Venezuela, wich file do i need to download? after doing all this how the game load, with the original cd game?

  22. stuart3006 says:

    do u need wii fit for wii sports resort

  23. GeckoWiz says:

    you saved this all to your 160 GB or so external device right?

  24. djwill360 says:

    do u have to buy the wii motionplus in order to play

  25. TwiIightShadow says:

    how does the USB loader itself work, like do you just put in the USB mass storage device in the back and what do you do with it?

  26. CaptainDesk says:

    No you don't

  27. Laubotje says:

    600 megs

  28. Laubotje says:

    first you need to install all the software. you can find all the information on youtube then download wad manager and format your hard drive to wbfs and put your games on it

  29. blade83336 says:

    can u still play the games stored on a harddrive online? or only the original games?

  30. Laubotje says:

    yes you can all of them i have never had any bad experiences while doing this

  31. Thomaz Diniz says:

    what is the version of this usb loader?

  32. Gabry Delle 【ガブリ】 says:

    te hai per caso anche trivial pursuit ?
    non riesco a farlo partire…..schermo nero……poi mi e' partito ma bianco e nero…..

    non sai come posso risolvere ?

  33. yahya hakami says:

    can i playing this game without motion plus ??

    PLZ replay

    and thanks Five Stars ^_*

  34. yahya hakami says:


    I live in a small town and there is no place to sell the wiimotion plus :'(

    Thanks zibonzi ^^

  35. Xcellencia says:

    I have been crazy for two nights trying to figure out how to run this on usb loader. I have read tutorials in forums, etc, nothing worked… But, I did everything you indicated in your video, and it worked perfectly! Thanks a lot dude! You Rock!

  36. dannu677 says:

    do i realy need the Wii Motion Plus?

  37. phantomzer0 says:

    Confirmed this tutorial works. I did not download the dol file, I ripped it from the ISO and followed the tutorial. Works perfectly!

  38. TeamPhenomenon says:

    ISOPLEASE is a bullshit website, why even post it if you ask people to fill our surveys?

  39. Justin Anger says:

    i am using my motion plus as a mouse on my pc. its cool.
    better than leaning the wiimote.

  40. TheRealist562 says:

    GREAT FREAKIN VIDEO. Got my WRS to finally work(was getting Black Screen)
    QUESTION:::: The games plays fine, but the graphics are alittle fuzzy/off? The graphics, I can tell are not 100%

    Any fix???????????????????

  41. ingofreak says:

    @mrfourtysevenman how?

  42. Justin Anger says:

    buy a blluetooth adapter and download glovepie.
    you need either windows 7 or mac osx.
    mine only works on windows 7 (the wiimote anyway)

  43. Nicolò Arduini says:

    Puoi provare con red steel 2?

  44. PL3TI says:

    can you remove the dol file after wii sports works??

  45. freakingapples456 says:

    I tried to play wii resort last night and none of the wiimotes worked.
    I saw the blue lights blinking and then it stopped blinking.

    My question is how do you get the wii remote to work
    with the wii sports resort?

  46. Jessikina says:

    ma serve la modifica per fare tt qst ?!?

  47. freakingapples456 says:

    @freakingapples456 never mind I restarted it and then it worked fine.

  48. agocili says:

    Scusate ma se io noleggiassi il gioco e facessi partire il filmato guardandolo tutto senza schiacciare un [email protected] se poi la .iso la faccio partire dell'homebrew risolverei il problema, voglio dire, parte senza problemi senza intopparsi sulla schermata nera??? Non mi va di mettere mano alla sd ho già fatto casini in precedenza…

  49. kevin trujillo says:

    fuckin italian bitch, thats a virus

  50. Tom says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! been trying to do this for hours, i followed your guide and it was all working in minutes 🙂 by the way when the wmp video plays the sound might go weird but just watch it to the end and it will be fine 🙂

  51. Sup Bea says:

    direct download mario kart mario party8 just dance Sport resort


    youtube befor the watch..


  52. Freyr says:

    I found my player.dol in partion 1. Is it still fine?

  53. Organic BodyBuilding says:

    no if u want to play pal on usbxloader or whatever that is go to your settings options on usbxloader game load – video mode- force ntsc

  54. statharas geiaa says:


  55. tomatenhacker279 says:

    must i have wiimotion plus sorry for my bad english

  56. Deus Ex says:

    say is there a way to put wiiware games on usbloader gx?

  57. rerutk says:

    not working

  58. Simun Kaka says:


  59. Fala seus Puto says:

    na proxima eu apareso kkk

  60. golden advance says:

    hello pleas i want rztp01.dol

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