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We have one more pipe to weld before lunch. I’m so hungry. My lunch is getting cold. Do you smell that? It smells likes gas. Oh no! Someone turned on the gas too early. We’ve not finished welding yet. Go! Go! We have to get out of here! Do not light your welding torch! What? I cannot hear you! Get to work guys! Run! Thank you! You are a brave fire truck! What’s your name? My name is William Watermore! Oh, hi! My name is William Watermore and I’m a fire truck! You can call me Will. I hope you are ready to see what fire trucks do! Watermore! Enough shower time! There’s a dumpster on fire! Yes, captain! No time to wait! Let’s get to it! Hurry William! The fire is getting out of control! Please stay back! Thank you, Will! No problem! It looks like someone dumped paint illegally and it caught on fire. I will ask the fire marshal to investigate. RADIO “All engines respond” – See later, George!
– Be careful, Will! We’ve got no time to waste! There is a fire on the highway! A truck carrying pressurized propane tanks has lost control. Be alert! All of these tanks are on fire! Oh no! Everyone move back! The fire is out of control! We have to move back! Thank you, Will! I can’t believe I lost control carrying propane tanks. No problem! Be careful next time. My water tank is getting low. We need to go back to the fire station to refill it. Let’s go, guys! No time to lose! A warehouse with fireworks is on fire! Be careful team! – Help us!
– Hold on cars! Please help my friend. He is still inside. His name is Jack. Jack! Jack! Where are you? Jack! Jack! I am a firefighter. I’m here. Jack! Jack! I can’t see you! I’m behind this wall. Stay back! Hurry, Jack! The ceiling is collapsing! Follow me! Go with Jack. Tell the captain I need help! Help! Captain, Will is stuck in the warehouse! Come on Roger, Watermore needs our help! – Thank you, guys!
– No problem. We’re a team and we help each other no matter what. Looks like our job here is done. I’ll give you a ride home. My name is William Watermore and I am a Real City Hero!

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    I think the rendering on this is great. What was used?

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    매우 훌륭해요. 멋져요. 친구를 위해서 서로 도와줬어요. ^^ What a awesome animation. I hope to share this video with my country's children. It is admirable to help each other who meets a difficulty.

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    they dont put out fires made by gas by water

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    Good fire truck

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    O. I don’t know what to say! Cool

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    MORE WILLIAM WATERMORE!! lol my son loves this one, and only this one haha.

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    So awesome!!

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    The best vidéo in the World for children !!!!!!

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    This looks amazing! The water effects and reflection is great too! How hard was it to make it

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    Why are there literal cars on top of a roof?

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