WSI Liebherr LTF 1060-4.1 Mobile Crane ‘Haegens’ by Cranes Etc TV

This is another limited edition model
from WSI models and it’s in the colours of the Dutch company Haegens. The model
is a Liebherr crane mounted on a truck chassis, and the chassis is a Volvo FMX, and
the crane is the LTF 1060, and that means it’s a 60 tonner. The model is factory
sealed and there is some intricate little cutting to cut out the tape correctly.
Once that’s done we don’t muck about anymore, we just take off the lid and as
we do so we realise the model is upside down so with a sheepish look on the face
we turn it the right way up and then we can see the model and its parts sitting
in the tray. This model first appeared in 2010, and we’ve seen it in a number of
different colours so if you want to see more about it check out some of the
other reviews. There are no instructions with it but the only thing we need to do
to get the model ready for the road is to load up the counterweight, and then
add on the fly jib. The model is reeved out of the box so that makes things a
little bit easier. Positioning the jib is a little bit tricky and when it’s in
place we need to insert a steel pin to keep it there. Cranes Etc has made over a thousand
reviews and reports so if you like what we do please support us and help us
continue by making a pledge via Patreon. The link is on the screen and in the
video description and in return for your support you can get various rewards
including news, early access, discounts and other benefits, and know that your
support will keep us going. The chassis is typically very well
detailed just like any WSI truck model that includes tiny hoses and at the
front there’s an exhaust and other stuff. It’s the small details that make this
such a nice model including door handles and exhaust, and even hoses on the
outrigger joint. There’s a coloured top for the water tank and there are wheel
chocks and plenty of very tiny graphics. The blue hubs give the wheels a smart
look and there’s a fuel cap on the crane body. The model is based on a real crane
in the Haegens fleet, so it has the right number plate and overall the model is a
very good copy of the real crane, although there are some differences. It
is a very good-looking model and the Haegens name appears on the alternate boom sections and the overall effect of the paint scheme is very good. The fly
jib is the standard lattice version although the real crane just seems to
have the solid section. The chassis has linked steering at the front but it can
only achieve a moderate angle of turn. The axles also have sprung suspension.
The outrigger pistons can’t be posed fully retracted so that’s a bit of a
modeling compromise, but the beams do fold out well and you can extend them to
get the reach that you want. A nice touch on these outrigger pads is that you can
move them from the travel position to the working position and then with huge
giant 50 times bigger fingers and thumbs you can insert a pin to lock the pad into
the operating position. So you can see this is intricate of model engineering
and you can also rest the pads on plastic spreader plates and if you
extend the pistons enough the model will be held wheels-free, and overall the
outriggers have got good geometry. Raising the boom is easy enough and
perhaps it’s a bit too easy and we’ll see that in a moment, and once it’s up we
can take the counterweight and clip it on at the back.
Normally the crane would turn around and attach its own counterweight but you
can’t replicate that on the model so we’ll do the next best thing and use the
giant hand cranes to give a hand. We mentioned the boom ram earlier and one
issue is that it is a bit too loose. You can pin it at the maximum angle but
anything less than that and the ram is too loose to hold the boom up and in
fact if you left your boom up overnight you might find it sagging in the morning.
As you would expect, the Volvo cab does tilt and there is a Volvo engine underneath,
and with a bit of care you can get the cab to stay tilted. The thread used on this
model is not really the best because it’s too prone to twisting, so the model
doesn’t look quite right when it’s posed without any load on, but if you do add
the Liebherr branded weight that’s included with the model, it then
straightens out and looks good. Extending the telescopic boom works in the
normal way and the good thing on this model is that all of the sections have a
realistic thickness. There is also enough friction in the
system so you can pose the sections without them telescoping back on
themselves, and the other crane function is the winch, and that works well enough.
A key operates it and there is enough friction in the drum to be able to hold
a decent load. This is a very detailed crane model from WSI Models and there’s
no doubt that in the blue Haegen’s colour scheme it looks great in terms of
functionality. The model is beginning to show its age a little, and it would be
nice if some of the model engineering could be brought up to date. Overall
though it’s a nice model which is very good.

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  1. Stop Motion God Bob chicken says:

    Yes first comment

  2. Sunny Das says:

    a small omission the blue capped tank which you called a "water tank" is actually the adblue tank which is used for exhaust gas treatment

  3. Genauge says:

    The "Watertank" ist the AdBlue tank

  4. steven clark says:

    Nice detail nice model saw this before in another company's colours but it's still a nice model.

  5. Simen Stråbø says:

    I think you meant AdBlue tank, and not water tank😉 Awesome video by the way😃

  6. Fahmi Yunizar says:

    Make a give away 😁✌

  7. Emerson Pedro says:


  8. Frank says:

    The cabin looks nothing like the FMX truck they had pictures of in the preview…

  9. Lucky Star Milky says:

    Well I think this is one of the old model you introduced in the past, the different thing is the color and the skin of it, the model and it's funtion is not different fron the old model you uploaded some time ago. But good model 👍

  10. Armando Flores says:

    Están chidos ? De que país son?

  11. RC Live Modelle says:

    Fantastisches Modell und klasse Video

  12. BEASTY BOY 539 says:

    2:41 the "water tank" is actually the Adblue tank

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