WSI Scania + Nooteboom 6-axle MPX by Cranes Etc TV

One of the more collectible sets of
models is the Nooteboom Red Line series and the Bauma exhibition of
2019 saw the introduction of three new Red Line series models. So in this review
we’re looking at one of them. It’s the new generation Scania 8×4 tractor and
the trailer is the six axle version of the Nooteboom MPX semi low loader. The box
packaging is the usual WSI design and it’s factory sealed. Let’s lift the lid
and see what we have got inside and first out is the big trailer, and that’s
followed by the big Scania tractor. But there’s more and that includes a bag of
parts, and there is also a collector card, and also there’s another bag of parts.
Included with the model is a really nice little brochure which shows the five
axle version of the trailer and it’s got pictures of the real thing and also some
details about the model. To assemble the model there’s not much
to do out of the box and we firstly connect the tractor and trailer, and clunk
click does the trick. The only other thing we need to fit initially are
marker boards on each side of the gooseneck. Starting with the tractor and
the underneath is very detailed as you would expect, and includes the front
suspension, gearbox and transmission plus all the other suspension components, and
we have different tyres on the driven and steered axles. The tractor looks
impressive with its big light bar and there are lights in the top of the
Highline cab. Moving down there is the big Scania name and grille, and the tiny
badges add great detail. There are nice big headlights with
lenses as well as a chevron bumper and a number plate. The door mirrors are colour
coded in the Red Line series. The side of the cab has got the big Nooteboom logo
and a nice door handle and the tractor series number for the model is 048.
The big wind turbine graphic is also very smart. Another high point is the
detailed wheels with their highlighted central hubs. Behind the cab is the big
equipment tower with tanks on top and boxes underneath and there are also coiled
lines and the exhaust pipe sticks out at the top. At the back the wheel arches
are detailed and there are nice lights with lenses. Moving on to the multi trailer
and it is highly detailed. Looking under the gooseneck there are various hoses
and cables modelled as well as other components. Wheel chocks are modelled at
the front of the trailer and there are more tanks and each of the axle
assemblies is metal. Also running down both sides of the spine are more hoses
and cables. On top of the gooseneck there are spare wheels and a toolbox and there is a
unique trailer number for the model which is 050, and there is more detailed
graphics along the edge of the gooseneck. The top surface also has nice texturing.
The timber inserts on the deck have got bolt hole detailing and there is a reflective
stripe down the edge as well as more graphics. One of the excellent details on
the model is the highlighting of the bolt heads over the axle assemblies.
The high-quality detailing is also visible at the back of the trailer. With
the Scania on its back we see that the rear wheels turn freely and there is linked
steering at the front with a moderate range of movement. Out on the Cranes Etc
test track the Scania rolls along really nicely and if we set the steering as far
as we can the model will turn but as you can see it’s quite a shallow angle. To
take a look at the engine the tilting cab tilts very nicely and there we can see
the engine underneath. It is plastic and it is made up of a number of different
components. The engineering of the six axle trailer is excellent. The rear four
axles have fully sprung suspension and there is very nicely functioning linked
steering on the rear five axles, and it is proportional with the last axle turning
the most. The front two axles are not sprung but they can be raised and
lowered and that means that you can lift them out of service. So let’s test that
out and here we see all of the axles are grounded and turning smoothly but if we
then raise up the front two axles and we run the rolling test we see that the
raised axles do not rotate. With the steering on the trailer set we
see that it maneuvers really very nicely. The landing legs on the trailer are
pinned in position using extremely small pins and they are definitely a challenge
unless you have 1/50 sized fingers. With the pin out the landing legs can be
set at different lengths and then repinned into position,
so the flexibility is there if you want it.
Another nice piece of flexibility on the model is the gooseneck and that has an
excellent range of movement if you need to level up the trailer. Another piece of
flexibility is provided by the extendibility of the trailer and that just
pulls out so you can set it at the length you need for a long load.
Included with the model is a full set of deck posts. They slots into holes in the
deck but as is often the case they can be a bit loose and need to be set up
straight if they look like they’re leaning, and still there’s more because
if you want to widen the width of the deck you can pull out the support beams
and there is a full set of deck planks provided. So that completes the features
let’s have a look at the trailer with some loads on. The Nooteboom Red Line series is a very
collectible set and they are beautiful looking models in the red colour scheme.
This model from WSI has very high quality detailing and the functionality
is really good too, so overall as a heavy haulage vehicle, this one is excellent.

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