WSI Scania + Nooteboom Mega Trailer by Cranes Etc TV

In this review we’re looking at a new
model of a heavy haulage trailer. It is from WSI Models and it’s the Nooteboom
Mega Trailer Extendable. This model is in Nooteboom house colours and it comes in a
Nooteboom branded box. But when we open it up we see that the model comes in
a tray just like most WSI truck models. As usual the lid is sealed by tape so we
need to cut that first and then we are able to lift up the lid and get the
model out. So let’s see what’s in the box and first out is a Scania 6×2 tractor
and we swiftly follow that with the Mega Trailer itself. Then we have a bag
containing some parts and lastly there’s a plastic Certificate of Origin. but
interestingly the tractor and trailer numbers on the card don’t tie up with
the ones on the model. Assembly is limited to connecting the
tractor and trailer and clunk click does the trick. With the Scania upside down we
see it is typically detailed and there’s a comprehensive exhaust system and the
transmission and suspension is there with different tyres on the driven and
steered axles. On the roof of the cab there’s a couple of air horns and there is a
lot more detailing towards the front including lights and the Nooteboom name. The
door mirrors are coded in the Nooteboom red line colour scheme and the front of
the Scania looks great with its distinctive grille and tiny badges. There
are nice lights and there is also a realistic number plate and chevrons on the bumper.
Looking side on and there were nice textured steps leading up to the cab, and
the wheels have red painted hubs. Also nice is the Nooteboom logo and door
handle. At the back the cab has got nice texturing and there’s a set of coiled
lines. There’s also a diamond plated walkway. Moving to the back and a
Nooteboom logo is on the mud flaps. The Mega Trailer is very detailed with the
structure at the front and behind the landing legs there are tanks with hoses.
There’s also a highlighted winding handle. There are a couple of boxes
modelled but they are hollow on the insides, and solid would have been better.
Moving on to the axles and they are very detailed. There are lots of hoses and
cables and there are small tanks with hoses coming out. At the back there’s a
box that looks like it is for loading ramps, and at the back there are
stabilizers for end loading but they’re fixed and not adjustable. Looking at the
front of the headboard and there are some extremely tiny graphics and it’s
nice again to see the Noteboom logo represented. Along the edge are more
small graphics including the trailer number and also a yellow stripe. The
trailer deck has got a nice combination of plastic replica timbers, textured
surfaces and structure. Certainly one of the highlights of this model is the
detailing and there is plenty to look at and that continues at the back with a nice
Nooteboom logo. We start with the Scania and the driving
axle spins very freely and there is linked steering which has a shallow range of
movement. Driving along the Scania rolls along very nicely in a straight line but
it’s a bit more challenged when it comes to cornering and it skids just a little bit.
The cab tilts to reveal a detailed engine and the balance of the model is
good too because it doesn’t tip forward when the cab is tilted.
The trailer axles have got sprung suspension on every axle and there’s
also linked steering of the three axles. It works well enough without being
perfectly precise. Moving towards the front and the landing legs can be
lowered in the usual way by unscrewing and there’s no unsightly screw threads.
The model also has four marker boards, two at the front and two at the back, and
these are pre-installed and you pull them out to make them visible. This works
well enough although they can be a bit tight to actually pull all out.
Right side up and the trailer works well with all of the wheels being grounded
and it’s nice also to give the deck suspension a workout.
If we set the rear axle steering we can try it out and see how it performs at
cornering and it’s fairly good. The other main feature of this trailer is its
extendability and as you can see it telescopes out a long way. Let’s get the
tape out and do a dim check and fully extended the model is about 61
centimetres or 2 feet long. Another option you have is to fit the deck posts
but you might have to fiddle with them to get them to stand straight. The deck
edge also has pullout beams to extend the width but there were no spanning
timbers provided with the review model. The main feature of a trailer like this
is its flexibility and first up we will fit some container locks and with those we
can fit a 45 foot container or there’s enough locks to fit two smaller
containers if you want. Another load we can try is a long piece
of structural steel work so the giant hand crane sets that on and we will readjust the
length of the trailer to make it a good fit.
Another option is to fit a crane boom section and that looks good.
Or perhaps we’ll try two sections of tower crane mast or as another option we
will try two machines and these look nice and squeezy, but rather stupid. This is
another very high quality haulage vehicle from WSI Models, and it looks
very attractive in the limited edition red line Nooteboom colour scheme. It is a
highly detailed model and it’s also very flexible in how you can display it so
overall if you want an interesting truck model this one is excellent.

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