WSI Tadano ATF 60G-3 Mobile Crane by Cranes Etc TV

This crane model from WSI was a new
release at the Bauma exhibition in April 2019. The box has some
information about the real crane printed on one end and the blue and white color
scheme tells you that this is a Tadano crane. It is the ATF 60G-3. What
comes out of the box is probably what you’d expect and that is a pair of expanded
polystyrene trays and they are factory sealed all around with tape so there is
plenty of knife work to do to lift the lid, and there is the model wrapped in clear
plastic. For the assembly we will get the crane ready for the road. The
counterweight is a little bit unusual because you can’t carry it all on board
in transport mode so we need to take off the top slab. It will then fit in the
usual position just behind the cab. Then we have a nice aspect which is a holder
for a single line hook and this crane comes with a small lattice fly jib which
can be fixed to the side of the boom. Once the fixing holes are lined up we
can insert the steel pin and it’s slightly unusual because it’s got a loop
at the end to help you hold it but the compromise is that it doesn’t look so
good when it’s in position. The method of fixing the counterweight has two threaded
jacks so to look right we just pop them in. Underneath the crane there is a
ladder at the front and the suspension and transmission components are modelled.
The big tyres also have a nice tread pattern. The driving cab has got some
nice fine detailing including small graphics and paint highlighting and
there are mirrors, cameras and beacon lights. While we’re at the front the
metal hook has got three separate metal pulleys inside. This one small detail
behind the cab which is not so nice and that is a fixing screw and hopefully they’ll
be painted in future additions. On the other hand the tyres have excellent
Michelin branding. There are many other small details which add authenticity
including small graphics and there are textured surfaces and nice lights. Not
quite so good are the visible screw threads from the counterweight fixings.
There is a plastic air cleaner and a nice mesh
grille, and the crane cab has got metal grab rails and there’s a nicely detailed
interior. Towards the back there’s some nice hydraulic detailing for the winch
including hoses and connectors and the handrail is very good too.
The lattice fly jib is metal with metal pulleys and at the boom top there are
separate metal pulleys and there is a hoist rope connector which is riveted on,
and there is a hoist rope cut out chain which is also permanently fixed to the boom
head. There is steering on each of the axles with a reasonable range of
movement, and because they’re independent any of the steering modes of the real
crane can be replicated. The other nice feature is that all of the axles have
independent sprung suspension. Moving the crane along and it’s steady as she goes,
and there’s some friction in the axles so the model won’t zoom off at high speed.
If we set the steering then the model turns well and the axles all hold their
pose. Let’s now put a squeeze on and check the
suspension and it works well and it’s not too soft. One nice feature on this
model is the fold down ladders are there are four of them, and you just rotate them
and they drop down. So we are on site so let’s set the crane up and the outrigger
beams are quite stiff to pull out initially. They are single stage metal
beams and the pads can be locked into a transport pose. To lower them they are just
unscrewed in the usual way and there’s no unsightly screw threads, and there is a set
of plastic spreader plates provided. The whole outrigger system works well enough to
support the crane wheels-free. Another very nice feature is the double folding
handrails on top of the crane and we can set those up for working mode. We can now
lift our boom using our fingers if that’s what we like to do, and it locks
in position using an allen key on a small grub screw and as usual this
system works very well. So now we’re ready to rotate to crane
and it is generally smooth in action. With the crane partially rotated it’s
easier to set down more of the ladders and before we attach the counterweight
we’ll add on the extra slab that can’t be carried in transport mode, and with
the screwed pistons taken out we can rotate the crane body over the
counterweight. To attach the counterweight we drop in the lift
cylinders and then we can screw them into the counterweight, and it’s handy
that the key you used to operate the winch can also be used to attach the
counterweight. Once the counterweight is lifted and fixed we can rotate the crane.
To keep tension on the hoist rope a metal load is supplied and that has the
Tadano name on it. The key provided is used to operate the
winch drum and the drum has a spring-loaded brake. Extending the boom
is done in the usual way by pulling out the sections and on the review model
these were stiffer to use than you usually find when you extend the
telescopic sections. They have locking points and these appear to be around 50%
and 100%. Included with the model is the small fly jib and if you want a bit of
extra reach you can pin that in position, although you might need to clean some paint
out of the holes to get the pins in easily. The fly jib also has a ratchet system so
there’s a small brass nut and bolt they are very tiny, but by accident or
design you can use the winch key to undo them. You can then reset the fly jib
to one of two fixed angles. This is a new model of a new crane so let’s do a dim
check and see how high it reaches, and to the top of the main boom it’s about 37
inches or 94 centimetres, and with the fly jib you get a bit more: 43 inches or
109 centimetres. This is another high-quality crane model from WSI Models.
There is plenty of very nice detailing and the working features of the model
generally work very well. This is a popular size of crane so there may be
many available in limited edition colours in due course, but in the meantime it is
easy to rate as very good.

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  2. 66chicchetto says:

    Really good model

  3. YUSUF AKSU says:

    Super crane…

  4. Mikel Markina says:

    As always excellent crane by WSI!
    No hydraulics or hoses underneath?? 🤔
    Nice to see that foldable handrail, no like the ones for the ltm 1350…
    Great job Ian!!! now waiting for the LTM 1090 😉

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    The real crane also can't carry all of its counterweight slabs in transport mode?

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    Owww myyyyy

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    WSI already now it's a good model with nice company out there…

  10. Nathan Blackman says:

    Ah its lovely watching these vids…..and then your model terex ac 200 gen 1 falls and cab comes off and axles 1,2,4 and 5 are bent.

    press f to pay your respects.

    Great videos though man. Question though, If you could only have 2 model cranes, which two would you choose?

  11. Raymundo Johnson3 says:

    As Seen On The Philippines

  12. Юс says:

    Деталировка классная из ста поставил бы сто десять балов!

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