WSI Volvo FH4 + Palfinger ‘Weiland’ by Cranes Etc TV

It is time for another limited edition
model from WSI. It is a truck model and is a Volvo FH4 Globetrotter and it’s on
an 8×2 chassis with a flatbed and a Palfinger loader crane. This limited
edition is in the colours of the German company ‘Weiland’. The packaging is the
same as it is for nearly all of WSI’s truck models and that allows us to get
the knife out and swish through the factory taping. Off with the lid and we can
lift out what’s inside and we start with the truck model itself and next out we
have a bag of long bits. After that we’ve got a bag of short bits, and then we’ve
got just a bit. Included with this model is the standard WSI Palfinger manual. For the assembly we’ll get the truck
ready for the road and this truck is a little bit unusual because it has side
boards. These are metal and they fit into the holes that are already existing for the
deck posts, and their design means that you put the rear one in first and then
the two side ones. But in reality they are a bit too loose-fitting so here
we’ve put just a little bit of plastic putty into the holes and then when we
press the side boards in it all stiffens up a bit. This truck also has a big
Palfinger crane and we will go large by taking out the end piece and adding back
the fly jib. Starting underneath and the 8×2 chassis
is, as you would expect, very detailed. The green part appears to be the underside
of the gearbox and is a detailed transmission running to the drive axle.
All axles have a realistically modelled suspension, and as usual the tyres on the
driven axle are different from the others. The roof of the Globetrotter cab
has nice stub aerials and a couple of beacon lights, and a light bar and a
couple of air horns add to the furniture. The Weiland name appears at the top and
there is some excellent detailing of the grille and that includes small badges.
There’s a big box for the front outrigger which is not functional on the
model and there are nice lights and chevrons. The mirrors on the cab are
colour-coded and the graphics on the side are very crisp and sharp. The step up has
got texturing and the wheels are very detailed. Also behind the cab is the big
Palfinger loader crane and it has some excellent tiny graphics detailing and
that includes control levers. There’s further intricate detailing of the
exhaust box, tanks and rear wheels and the metal side boards have got some nice
highlighting. A headboard at the front has also got a nice pattern. One small
weakness is the outriggers because the pistons can’t be fully retracted. At the
back there’s a realistic number plate and the lights have plastic lenses and
the backboard has the Weiland name. The flatbed deck has got some plastic
replica timbers and a smooth metal spine. The Palfinger crane has got some
intricate detailing. All of the chains shown here are not included with the
model. The fly jib has got some tiny graphics and very small pistons. Moving on to the functionality and the
driven axle spins freely and the front axles have linked steering. Out on the
Cranes Etc test track and the Volvo rolls very easily in a straight line but
if we set the steering we see that the steering angle is very shallow.
There is another feature on the chassis and that is that the rear axle can be
clipped up out of service and to do that you push the axle down and rotate the
clip. You have to fiddle with it a bit to get it to go as far as you need but if
you do that the rear axle doesn’t rotate when the model drives along. The other
feature you would expect is the tilting cab with the Volvo engine underneath. To
use the Palfinger we pull out the outriggers and the rear one seems to be
single stage even though there’s a second stage modeled in the outrigger
box. At the front the two stage outriggers are the pull out and turn
round variety, and when you’ve lowered the pads as far as they’ll go you can put some
spreaders underneath. The model does have another outrigger at the front of the
cab but that one is non-functional. Now that we are rock-solid strong and
stable we can set about opening up the big Palfinger with the fly jib on. This
is now a complicated piece of equipment and it has to be carefully unfolded. The
hydraulic rams are reasonably stiff although there are pins to insert in the
main ram jackets when the boom is extended to stop it bleeding down. Once the
loader crane has opened up a bit we can rotate it around and it’s easy to extend
the multiple telescopic sections. Let’s look at some of the other
possibilities for the model and one is to just load it up with some parts as a
load and here we’ve got some parts from a WSI ballast kit so we’re using a crane
hook and two pieces of counterweight. Another option for the model out of the
box is to fit deck posts and most of these metal posts are a good fit. Another
option is to use the supplied container locks and then load on a container with
a giant hand crane. This is an impressive-looking truck model from WSI
and it’s an attractive one in the colours of Weiland. Most of the
functionality is very good and as we expect from WSI the detail level is very
high so this is a good looking model that poses well and so it’s easy to rate
it as very good.

9 comments on “WSI Volvo FH4 + Palfinger ‘Weiland’ by Cranes Etc TV”

  1. E3ENEEZER says:

    Great review, as per usual! Will you continue to review bauma 2019 sennebogen models (e.g. the duty cycle cranes)?

  2. TEN TEN says:


  3. Markus Frömbgen says:

    Very good ?
    Ganz ehrlich: Nein !
    Normaler WSI-Standard mit vermeitbaren Fehlern.
    Für ein aktuelles, neues Fahrzeug den falschen Auspuffpott zu verwenden wenn der Richtige im Programm ist, das muss heutzutage nicht mehr sein.
    Ebenso das bei einem Modell dieser Preisklasse die Frontabstützung nicht beweglich ist, ist ebenso inakzeptabel.
    Ich hatte mich auf das Modell gefreut, aber so bleibt es im Händlerregal.
    Das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis stimmt hier einfach nicht.

  4. NextBase Czeon says:

    Wow i really love that VolvoFH model made by WSI

  5. David Torres says:

    Videos en español

  6. Jorge An Yu And His Friends Are Good Of The Planet says:

    This Model Is Very Good By Absolubly Nothing

  7. FiShy-Boi x says:

    Your channel is great and the quality is unmatched by any other model review channel keep up the good work !!!!!!!

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  9. David Torres says:

    Si subtítulos pero en español

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