Youngest Ventrac Tractor Top Fan

[Inaudible] My son Quinn loves Ventrac. Ever since
he’s been about a year old he’s been hooked. What you got there buddy? [Inaudible] Who drives a Ventrac?
-Daddy, [grandpa]
-Daddy and grandpa drive a Ventrac, huh? -Dirt, dirt
-That one’s for the dirt -And what do you do with the mower?
-Grass -You cut grass! If Ventrac gave out an award for top fan Quinn would have a good chance
of winning [Inaudable]
-Oh, did you want to watch Ventrac video? You wanna watch Ventrac? Okay. My name’s Jeff Hostetler, I played in the NFL for 15 years.
– I mean, does Jeff Hostetler, NFL Super Bowl champion, eat his meals with a Ventrac
catalog? -You don’t wanna eat, you wanna look at Ventrac, huh? Take a bite. “I’m Jack Wiley from Moline, Illinois.” Does Jack Wiley, who has over 35 attachments for his Ventrac, sleep with his Ventrac? Or does ten-year-old Vincent, owner of V.G. lawn service, who Quinn calls Ventrac boy, watch the ventrac DVD each day? Does Camp Luz director Andrew Michaels ask his mom to wear a Ventrac shirt? You wanna see Daddy’s Ventrac? Outside? Does Butch Hamby’s highlight of the day
involve going out to the barn to see his Ventrac? That’s a Ventrac. You wanna ride on the Ventrac? Here you go Make sure you put your buckle on Quinn understands the Ventrac is
different than other tractors. Ventrac isn’t just for mowing grass.
Is that the scoop? What do you use a scoop for? Dirt! For dirt, yeah.
It has a scoop for dirt and mulch, a blade for gravel and snow, and best of all it
features all-wheel drive so you can go off-roading. I mean this kid really
understands the concept of a front-mounted attachment. Quinn knows
there’s just something special about Ventrac. Is that a Ventrac?
-No No? Is that a tractor?
-Yes Yes Anything else is… well, just a plain
tractor to him. My son doesn’t even know his last name, but he’s been saying
‘Ventrac’ since he’s been about 14 months old. If his mom would let him he would
probably change his name to Quinn Ventrac. Ventrac, if you’ve been wondering
why your YouTube channel has been receiving so many views on your ventrac
videos lately because of kids like Quinn and his cousin Dorian daily racking up
the view counts. I mean really that’s about all these kids want to watch. So Ventrac
this is Quinn’s entry for Ventrac’s top fan Think you’re a bigger fan of Ventrac than
my son? Then go to and submit your top fan entry or upload a
video to youtube and post it as a response to this video. Top fans will win
their very own Ventrac. Well, Ventrac toy that is. The Ventrac: your one tractor
solution Daddy Daddy Does daddy have a mower-holy smokes that was on
the lens all right What happened your nanas- no, [laughter]
yeah let’s not do that Daddy You want the Ventrac? Can you say please? Please?
Okay, [inaudible] on your shirt, please. What do you have? You have the Ventracs? Yaaay! [BANG] Uh-uh [Crying] It’s okay. Daddy’ll help you. Did you lose the Ventrac? Here it is! Look look look look, [gasp] look at that. Look at that What’s that? What’s that? Alright, let’s get some food in you. “My son Quinn loves Ventrac. Ever since he’s been about a year old” -Who’s that?

27 comments on “Youngest Ventrac Tractor Top Fan”

  1. legoBWairlines says:

    I heard ass

  2. Denver Steiner says:

    @legoBWairlines Yeah… he tends to drop the first part of his words… he says "Entrac" for Ventrac, and you know what for grass. (this is his dad by the way)

  3. Ventrac says:

    @cr91fan Great question. Deere has been in business since 1837, makes some great products, and has built a loyal fan following. Ventrac started in 1998, makes an awesome product, and as people have started discovering what a Ventrac can do, is starting to build a very loyal fan base. So we are inviting those fans to share why they are Ventrac Fans!

  4. weasel884 says:

    you just wait and see.hell buy his own…drive it to school,pick up his prom date with it….drive it to work….drive it to his wedding…..goes to bed with it….end up in divorce court because the ventrac gets 99% attention from him and 1% to his wife….60 years later nothing has changed.

  5. Ventrac says:

    Happy Birthday Quin! Quin just turned 2 yesterday and is still a huge Ventrac fan!

  6. YotaMax says:

    very well done!

  7. Keegan M says:

    My dealer ( Bairs inc) has that ventrac on a shelf.

  8. Kalo Amani says:

    smart and cute little one.  

  9. Big J’s BBQ says:

    I must admit, I'm a Ventrac fan as well.

  10. kid productions says:

    Ventrac is the best tracter in the world

  11. E Man says:

    So cute

  12. Norco. says:

    omg i have the same thing in my family we have 3 ventrac machines and i just love to ride on them and work with my dad on them

  13. Tyler W says:

    5:37 craing over a magazean so cute

  14. Tractor Trac Tech says:

    I presume today he is about 7 or 8 y.o.? I would like to know what he thinks about my tractor. See my latest video on my channel.

  15. Lamar Oliver says:


  16. Creeperboy and friends says:

    I'm probably the second youngest ventrac fan (12 yrs old) I like machinery and I wish I could get a ventrac (don't worry, I know machines and how to operate them)

  17. Creeperboy and friends says:


  18. Cash Johnston says:

    I hope he won!

  19. Wade L. says:

    I so wish I had a Ventrac

  20. Darryl Lowery says:

    I love you so much

  21. Austin Blarek says:

    That’s cute and funny my first word was tractor and that is why I love all tractors

  22. SouthernWulf says:

    When he said our own ventrac I was so happy cuz i could get my professional landscaping company then he said toy ventrac and that's when I died a little inside.

  23. Antonio Thomas says:


  24. Nathan Bruce says:

    Although I don't really like ventrac this was a great commercial

  25. Vauxhall Fan says:

    Tractor is the best thing ever

  26. Steven Cain says:

    I wish I had a Ventrac, my parents own an older model and I use it every Sunday to mow their 8 Acre lot. Someday I hope.

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