You’re Farming Legendaries WRONG In Fallout 76 (3 LEGENDARY FARMING METHODS)

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100 comments on “You’re Farming Legendaries WRONG In Fallout 76 (3 LEGENDARY FARMING METHODS)”

  1. Polarbear Igloo says:

    Pepe hands

  2. Cameron Padron says:

    He was probably pissed at your ass because he was doing the pioneer scout badge. He's probably pissed cuz you're slowing him down from completing the music badge. If you're just on the game to farm legendaries, pretty sad life.

  3. Deegan M says:

    literally did this last night and there where so many dead bodies the frame rate went to shit

  4. David MacKinnon says:

    Teamed up with you before. Still got you on friends list. Had no idea you were a YouTuber.

  5. Stephen Martin says:

    I am looking for an awesome pump or a weapon like the fixer. Name your price. Lol be reasonable please.

  6. Charles Sossong says:

    Looks like the keyboard has learned to strike back!! 1:13

  7. Abdullah Yousef says:

    it helped

  8. Pëdø Bēär 69 says:

    Your methods are actually good. This video is actually helpful unlike some out there.

  9. Caleldyr BladeRunner says:

    Genuine question….. how do you not get burnt out lol

  10. Amber Kilby says:

    Lol I just had to come back and watch this video again because that opening is so hilarious. Edit: Also, after watching this video again I can say you are exactly right about the legendary vendor except for saying we all hate it, I love it lol

  11. xbon1 says:

    Haha i ruined one of ur violent nights before. I just want the event EXP

  12. Dutch Ø says:

    The beginning literally makes me scared to leave my house

  13. Sinister 1 says:

    Lol there is such a small community for this game. This game is… 😀

  14. ZodiacKiler - says:

    Yo spider miss you man wish u come back to Xbox been lonely without u and I kinda need some weapons lol

  15. hamsterfan NL says:

    2e methode is good for xp and stimpacks and legendary

  16. Basically_Pure says:

    Dope video man , and your not dying You’re just at a low 👍👍hopefully

  17. Destiny Dad says:

    Whacking them guys off? Ha gaaaaay

  18. B R says:

    "SpreadAGames" here… that's how you sounded while watching you on the bear furrrrr😋

  19. L0rdLucky1000 says:

    Guys, I need help. Not a noob to the game but im really low on stimpacks constantly and i do have Pharma farma max lv. But were can i have a reliable source of stimpacks that i can farm?

  20. the neme says:


  21. אַשטאָן אַשטאָן says:

    The intro was funny as hell, just as funny as my base getting nuked right when I finish it after two days of building and I can’t repair it!! 😂😂🤣🤣

  22. gamerZsoul says:

    Music from Epidemicsound? 😀 Cool video btw… 🙂

  23. Sharpfart says:

    mouse on the vid from 7:41 – 9:30

  24. John Mcain says:

    I feel bad for killing off the legendary so quick now

  25. Sol says:

    You sir, has earned a sub from me!
    This was a fun video to watch and not boring at all!

  26. Rich Ratchford says:

    So frustrating. I keep getting junk legendary shir from the vendor.

  27. 120starter says:

    So your saying do events for legendaries?

  28. Samuel Thompson says:

    Did you really mean to hit yourself with the keyboard

  29. Nugget Biscut says:

    Heeyyy dude I’m pretty fucking dumb and also ur high level wanna do the machine thing event and maybe other things with me so we can both get some good farming and levels and stuff with me???

  30. Russian chef network says:

    I am scared you haven't offered me a steak dinner

  31. Azlorn Magus says:

    That's what you get for playing on a gay ass pve server. You get gay ass carebear shit and you can't even kill the guy.

  32. My Only Video Is Pretty Cringe says:

    What gun is that and what mods/plans did you use? The one at 1:45

  33. Icarus Fabrication says:

    I was online wacking guys off looking for something legendary too

  34. Killer GM says:

    Heeey there +SpiderGamez <3

    If you see me on sometime (KillerDM74) do NOT hesitate to invite me to the team. This video was a real eye-opener; I hadn't thought about farming legendarys or even the best way to do it much but now that I see it done and see the logic behind it I'm totally on board.

    Have The Dragon, will travel. Can follow simple commands like, "don't kill the alpha pack leader straight away"!

  35. ッElizabeth Kat says:

    I never get those fucking events, any way to trigger them or are they random?
    Also I had been farming whitesprings for 1 stars to script

    Got absolute dog shit from the purveyor 🙁

  36. Browns says:

    Every time I kill a 3 star legendary I get shit stuff from it so I’m about to delete the damn game

  37. Aquaflame says:

    The hordes are just making go across the map to investigate and kill some mutants? Is there somethin I’m doing wrong?

  38. Joseph Pearson says:

    Way way waaaay to much time on your hands

  39. Savage Past says:

    illl take a lever gun

  40. Xenoros TV says:

    So basically when I use the vendor if it’s not a good weapon, don’t do it again until he resets? Or when should I go back?

  41. The Mighty Mulqueeny says:

    I'd love to do that with hordes… But the problem is other people come along and kill them all the time.

  42. SemiproShooter says:

    where the fuck is nick

  43. Danconia says:

    Do you own the handmade plan or did you get it off a drop??

  44. Sean Burbank says:

    I woulda killed the other player

  45. Happyreaper31 says:

    Your so negative oml

  46. letrry s says:

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  47. Djbillye Bundy says:

    I thought this was Sinatra_Says when he started talking lol.

  48. Wyatt Branscome says:

    There were many possible ways to make an intro to the video. That was the best one you could have chosen.

  49. Psuedo68 says:

    your hp angers me

  50. CRZ_ Swoop says:

    Killed a bear
    Does a sexy pose

  51. Taylor Gavello says:

    I was going to dislike, only because I thought it was a little rocky. But as I got to the 5 minute mark, it became informative and enjoyable. You shall get a sub my dude

  52. Pam Webb says:

    How do I get the bear rug plan?

  53. Brian Gutierrez says:

    Ohh yeah it helped a lot for me I mean being a level 115 actually made a big difference in farming legendaries the right way

  54. Brandietta says:

    THANKS TIPS!!! Make more FO76 videos! All day, everyday! Like your content! Keep up the good work!

  55. Dani Fran-nava says:

    Am I the only person who wanted to dump bleach on my eyes when I saw the beginning?

  56. ScarredMan Gaming says:

    Still got that TSE Black Powder rifle or that Instigating Dragon? I have 18000 caps for ya lol

  57. Hats Off says:

    Do these still work

  58. Tanner Colwell says:

    Im kinda late but dope video man, helped out alot

  59. komfortliinumb says:

    So does only one person get the loot or does everyone have say a separate loot table

  60. nathan lee says:

    howling at the intro 😂

  61. Zachary Teneff says:

    Hey man you should make a video showing us your build.

  62. Voxils says:

    There’s not a “correct” way of farming legendarys it’s as simple as getting to the legendary enemy that will drop one and kill it there’s no specific ways of “farming legendarys” although there’s ways to get them faster either way your doing everything correctly becuz the goal is to get the legendary and as long as u end up getting that legendary no matter how u did it u did it correctly

  63. Eat Google says:

    Came here for info and got poor attempts at comedy instead

  64. Larry Frazier says:

    Can u show me your melee build im starting over and want to use mainly only melee weapons but dont want to take alot of damage but deal the most outta melee weapon damage

  65. Kingg Sullii says:

    So we just gonna ignore the fact the keyboard didn’t like being hit😂😂😂

  66. Ourjackyboy Gaming says:

    Why do you have so many rads it hurts my head.

  67. Timothy Sanford says:

    i spend almost 95% of my time in whitesprings til i become deathly overencumbered and go to the resort to scrap unwanted stuff, sell others or use legendary machine to sell

  68. Cool Boy says:

    I don't think that key board to the face was on purpose lol for days….

  69. Ded ZoNe450 says:

    XD the intro oh I love Spider Gamez

  70. Jamin Busack says:

    I would request that during sons of Dane quest that people gimp their damage a bit, so everyone can tag the legendaries. Some of you guys just have to look at em and they just explode.

  71. Azlorn Magus says:

    adventure mode = fagland.

  72. Michael Scarpo says:

    If your theory is correct then does that mean that I can easily get tons of urban scout legendaries?

  73. Spen trav says:

    This guy gets a like just for knowing how to pronounce melee correctly!

  74. molehead89 says:

    LOL very funny video start off and then the death spawn to 76 bunker… OMG have I been there done that too much…. That earned a subscribed!

  75. The-First-Vault says:

    Lol me and my buddy scitz went to one violent night a few months and ago and somehow we glitched it, cause legendaries just kept spawning and spawning and spawning, I think we walked away close to 20 legendaries

  76. Saint Defiant says:

    Stumbled upon your channel the whole keyboard flip an the "fuuuuck" sold me like a coke.

  77. Brandon Bow says:

    Omfg…I know your pain bruh….I get so mad when it respawns me up at Vault 76 also….And it does it alot….Is anyone else so SICK OF ALL THE GLITCHES WITH THIS GAME!!!!??

  78. PANDAMAN 13 says:

    your create a character makes my dick shrivel.

  79. Fernando Gonzalez says:

    Dude I owe u an apology, I was one of does guys(not the one in the video) that kept making noises, I didnt know how to properly farm these events, thank you for posting

  80. Fallout Momma says:

    Nice video. I’m gonna check on One Violent Night. Subscribed!

  81. Gage Harvey says:

    You sound like arthur fleck (new joker)

  82. tj o• says:

    I see a pattern, i spend script and get shit,i loot legendary drops and still get shit..haven't gotten anything decent weapon wise.

  83. James Fife says:

    Love the south park " im sorry" reference

  84. ShaveyaHead says:

    Not gonna lie, after watching this video and hearing how condescending you are, I'm not surprised your channel is "Dead".

  85. falsinar says:

    Does the horde farming method still work? I can't get them to spawn higher level minions for the life of me. Also, should it work with every horde event? I assume the Forest ones wont spawn level 60+ no matter what.

  86. CemtecUk says:

    Guess your channel is 'dead' because this game is a piece of shit!

  87. The Divider says:

    I keep getting ads for RedDead2 on every gaming related video. They must have sent some hookers over to YouTube for that kind of ad buys

  88. flavacreations says:

    LMAO hes super fucking TUNED!!

  89. Supek87 says:

    yeah mate thanks for showing us how to farm proper way 🙂 hope to see ya in the game !

  90. EXT 666 says:

    lmfao you had me at your intro , subscribed 😉

  91. FaZe MAY I says:


  92. John W says:

    I hate going to an event where other players are using OP weapons to one-hit kill the legendaries. Dudes, use a low level weapon, tag the legendary and then let others get a hit in too, okay?

  93. Skywalk's Gaming says:

    Wait, wait, wait. 2:54 "Don't shoot glowing no-star legendaries?" These exist and they will drop legendary loot, occasionally. No star legendaries don't randomly just gain stars if you wait around. Bethesda games don't work that way. If it's spawned as a no-star legendary it will remain a no-star legendary. You can certainly NOT shoot it if you want, but that's not going to make it better by waiting around.

  94. Skywalk's Gaming says:

    You can also farm legendaries at Uranium Fever, which you kind of scoffed at. However, you have to do it correctly. The correct way to farm the Uranium Fever event is by using sneak and standing on top of an object in the main area. As long as you remain undetected, up to 3 or more legendaries will spawn and none of the random enemies will. This means you can simply stand there and wait for only the legendaries to show up without wasting ammo on random mole miners. Keep in mind that I haven't done this event in this way in a while, which means it's possible Bethesda could have fixed this event since the last time I did this. It's also easy to disrupt if a random player shows up and doesn't remain hidden (and doesn't follow the trick). This event would be best played on a "private server" with friends who all know how to do this one properly… just like One Violent Night.

  95. Caspers Alive says:

    1:58 phrasing 😏

  96. GREBZSTEP says:

    diablo 3 kinda has the same loot table system you're talking about, all except the prefixes on loot which are totally random and the only way to get a different table is to exit and load the game up again

  97. Charles Mcclelland says:

    Thx this helped alot

  98. The Admantine says:

    And that’s why I prefer fallout 1st private map. Because everybody purposely fucks up your farming and literally follows you around the map to leech off of you.

  99. RoivasCVII says:

    Watch this video to ANY Phil Collins song. It will change your life.

  100. The Admantine says:

    Yo…what’s your melee build….

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