Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab – IBC 2018

Hi Carl here from ProAV TV and I’m IBC 2018 talking to Ellen ena a design stand, okay So La Nina, what have we got here? Yeah, this is the country lab and So briefly introduced about these products. We have a very total new structure for this gimbal and so it holds in a different way so we can show it later and for this gimbal, we integrated the image transmission system on the gimbal and At the same time its payload have been increased to four point five kilogram or maybe more later when it’s confirmed When he’s finally released there’s a couple of interesting things going on here, isn’t it? Because firstly there’s the new whole new design and sort of structure So what’s the sort of thinking behind this almost pistol grip sort of structure. Does that is that sturdier? Yes Sturdier and easier for filmmakers because most of the time they work alike I think 70 80 percent of their time in this Loen going up somehow like here or If they should up here and we hold it and do your hands and it goes perfect with a rig in that way and At the same time we have that hot here to True attach a monitor with your phone. So that’s our system designs to this Kimbo okay So it can do all of their camera Controlling bits and bobs that the crane too could do like the focus wheel and things like that It looks like we’ve got more controls on the back. Is that right and more can chose? It’s like we have because the oh, let’s screen on the quench you and the system There there are too many options on the menu and that’s a little bit complicated so we put out the options to the buttons so you can see like AV ISO and white balance on the button and you can do that quicker quicker and then we have these are the The speed mode – – these are Kimbo and other modes like the pen following all the standard modes on that and also The inception mode may be integrated to this Kimbo like the one going 360 degree around the kind of shots, which is kind of trained now and Besides that the more importantly we will provide with this Kimbo together a dual channel For follow focused servo controller, okay That’s quite cool. So you go up here to control your lens and your focus Yes, zooming and focus at the same time with the wheel Control wheel here and I noticed the zoom rocker on the back presumably that will control the other one will it? Yes Yes, that’s very easy. And another thing about this is that we have these are HDMI port here as you can see so we have developed a dedicated app for this for a whole new Ecosystem. I may say because from the phone or any pet enjoy it all I Ask then on them with an app you can Monitor what’s going on with the camera and at the same time? Choose the focus on your screen so directly can show to your phone to your camera And then the you can set the camera settings and at the same time control the gimbal gesture Why not give an angle so for persons so you can either attach that to a amount here Although I guess you could hand that off to somebody else Could you and they could be controlling that while you’re physically holding the gimbal? Yes. That’s right You can do that a filmmaker. It is filming on his own then better with the mount here and then with a person as a teamwork, then another person can do that remotely and the server focus will be attached to this camera mount and be charged through the parts and Then the power bank is on here and that’s true. Where are the batteries in this scene inside here and up compartment See the batteries inside are those the same batteries as their crane too or are they different? They miss the quench you where the runtime will not be Compromised if like more or less sixteen to set 18 hours. Yes. Do we have a price on the whole system yet? no, yes, but Definitely more expensive than the quencher why it’s got a lot more features. So you’d expect that Okay, and do we know roughly when it’s going to be ready how far through the processing? It’s around November I guess if everything like develop Successfully if it all goes to plan Okay, cool. Thank you so much. Thank you

23 comments on “Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab – IBC 2018”

  1. Christoffer Lund says:

    Very interesting grip style. I definitely support this. Why shouldn't both hands have something to do other than just hold it.

  2. Salt Dog says:

    if you ask me this looks ridic.. the clearance between your knuckles and the vertical arm… seems balanced weird.. only cool thing is how it turns into a cinema rig style top handle when in inverted mode

  3. Joshua Rosario says:

    Background song: Hasta que se seque el Malecón by, Jacob Forever.

    Hispanic Regueton, if you were hoping to figure it out.

  4. Nate Ethington says:

    I have to say it, this looks terrible. What a ridiculous design, it is obviously flawed and you will have very little control over its movement with those hand placements. Maybe it is a joke. They made the dumbest design they could think of and then they will actually announce something good in November. I just don't get it, to have your right hand on the grip your left hand is going to have to be extended out really far and it has to hold all of the weight. And then you got to use your wrists to keep it steady in the most awkward way. This design is going to add unnecessarily movements. And I was planning on buying this but there is no way this will be better than my Moza Air, it already does everything I want it to. Don't really want something bigger just for features I won't use.

  5. Veassna Media says:

    Is she a robot? Sound like it.
    Anyway, very interesting product again from Zhiyun again

  6. goollink says:

    i think it is aimed for more serious work and not for vlog

  7. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    iff you a long term gamble user you will know for sure that This is a Fantastic #ProductDesgin

  8. Daniel Servais says:

    this system won't work if you are left handed, SO I PASS for the ronin s….. 🙁 great idea with the pistol grip

  9. Juan Diaz says:

    Were is that place located? Miami??? I can tell for the music in the background

  10. Rexin Oridle says:

    Thumbs up if you saw this nice lady in like 50 different other videos!

  11. Victor Bart - Dutchvideoshooter says:

    Haha you can see me shooting the same video in the background 🙂

  12. Sahni Studio Shahkot says:

    crane 3 price

  13. Narom Ngin says:

    Zoom and focus pulling?! Awesome. I wonder how the crane 3 will play with the monopod

  14. Lenvideo Сергей Sergey Щербаков Shcherbakov says:

    Oh!! I don’t know you are reviewers. You are in my review too)) https://youtu.be/F51zH3Q5Cv8

  15. antonio Souto says:

    I think there is some chemistry between them

  16. Christopher Dyer says:

    Does it have to be a phone as the monitor or will the ninja v work as well?

  17. Сергей Волков says:

    0,34 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F51zH3Q5Cv8&t=7s

  18. Unknown-Revolver says:

    This looks better than the Ronin S

  19. B.L Thackrey says:

    The Came gimbals are far better .. Seems as though no-one uses them anymore

  20. Anita Mane says:

    Prise gimbal zhiyun crane 3 lab?

  21. The Peoples Church says:

    I was hoping to us this with the BMPC4K, Im guessing since the HDMI feed is being sent VIA Wi-Fi to your phone, will their app also allow HDMI imputed straight into the phone for cameras that do not have Wi-Fi ? Or did i miss that?

  22. R B says:

    I love this design. It's smarter. Keeps shoulder joint near 0 degrees so your upper arms are next to your side or close to your body so it's closer to your core or center therefore increasing more stability and decrease fatigue time. Very smart move.

  23. Allen Yin says:

    This is actually soooooo impressive! Thanks for your review!

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