Zhiyun Crane-M Stabilizer for Point and Shoot, Mirrorless, Action Cams and Phones [4K]

100 comments on “Zhiyun Crane-M Stabilizer for Point and Shoot, Mirrorless, Action Cams and Phones [4K]”

  1. Jason Tew says:

    hey. nice video! would you recommend me getting this Crane-M or the Crane for a Sony a6300/a6500? given that the Crane M is smaller, if i were to put a slightly bigger lens (not so big like those telephoto lens) but maybe a 55mm lens, will it be heavy for the Crane M? appreciate your reply. thank you!

  2. Raph says:

    Please delete your mails.

  3. dogukan varis says:

    Bildiğim kadarıyla a6500'ün 5'li stabilizasyonu var. 5'li stabilizasyonu açıp video çekersek daha iyi bir stabilizasyon olur mu ?

  4. MCgamingPro says:

    Great review man! I have been interested in gimbals for a while now and this has helped a lot! Keep it going!

  5. RedApple TV says:

    hahahaha as always very funny. I really enjoyed watching your videos man.. Can it do motion timelapse like the osmo plus? Thumbs up!

  6. maboroshistudio says:

    Thanks for this video I was considering the Osmo mobile… but I want low light performance. I will admit I really like the facial tracking on the Osmo, but with a Sony a6000 (will upgrade eventually) and a fast lens this looks like the better option. Would you agree or should I opt for a beefier Zhiyun Crane?

  7. Book Flip says:

    Thanks for the video. I got a few questions

    I have both the Go pro hero 5 and the zhiyun crane m both coming in the mail.

    Here's my questions, we know that that hero 5 does not have good battery life. So, what is the best way to keep the hero 5 charged without having to detach it from the crane?

    Also what mount did you use in order to mount the hero 5 onto the zjiyun crane m.


  8. Z G says:

    Noticed there is an attachment mount on the 30 sec mark. What is the that?

  9. WY- FLY says:

    Does this work with the G7X ii? Please help guys would really mean the world!

  10. Dogan Kumova says:

    you said Hoscakalın? :O 🙂

  11. opwave79 says:

    Cool review. Now I'm going to weigh my camera with the microphone and lens to see if it fits the weight limit.

  12. Jake says:

    Can the Crane M batteries be charged in the handle via the USB port?

  13. Ryan Huang says:

    The stair run with Zhiyun looks exactly like running in TF2

  14. MrEye4get says:

    Very nice but very expensive! I use a phone gimbal with my GoPro. It's easier and cheaper with the same (better?) results.

  15. Pepe's Fruit Trees says:

    Good Stuff thanks! Thumbs up!!

  16. VladTheImpaler Zatravka says:

    I have a question – What is the music used in this video, please.

  17. Benjamin Brew says:

    How does it work with the Sony FDR-X3000?

  18. Lily Metcalfe says:

    would this work for g7x mark ii

  19. James Balagtas says:

    man look like you can place a phone also hehehe

  20. Techstry says:

    Nice video like all your videos keep doing the world domination thing. Awesome dude. Iyi Calismalar

  21. This Small World says:

    Awesome review! Would it hold a Sony RX10 ii ?

  22. Ian McKay says:

    You are funny AND informative, I love this review, I will buy this Stabilizer over the DJI Osmo as it is so much more versatile….keep up the good work….excellent video.

  23. Danny's Lab says:

    I think Zhiyun Crane-M Stabilizer is too big

  24. Tysonator ! says:

    Jason's videos are very fun to watch as well as being good informative review. Keep up the good work.

  25. MIKEY MIKE 2050 says:

    how about a gimbal that you can set it and forget it with no app and no log in , anyone interested in having one???

    APP BS IS BS!!!!


  26. 1Takeproductions502 says:

    where can you buy the cylinder that the battery's are placed in

  27. Tiny Video says:

    I think this is the wrong product link, products are the same. Same weight en price. Actually the Crane- M is about 200 dollars to buy and not 650. If Iphonedo does not update the link just search for Zhiyun Crane m

  28. Kevin Barnard says:

    You da funny. HA 🙂

  29. Mervin Raymundo says:

    Hi. Would you recommend this over the smooth 3? Im going to use it for my iphone 7 plus and gopro.

  30. J. W says:

    Thats no Bond… It's Mission Impossible…. 😉 Love your reviews!

  31. Azi says:

    If I used this with a smart phone how is the face tracking or object tracking on this crane m vs the dji mobile gimble ? Please and thank you

  32. Enzo 8mmSA says:

    Haven't read all 220 comments but did anyone mention that we can see the gimbal, when the GoPro is mounted? e.g. at +-3:35.
    Have you found a way around this?

  33. Motivhate Me says:

    Love this gimbal, shot my last holiday with this and it turned out amazing, head over to my channel to see the buttery smooth 4K video!

  34. Adam McGrath says:

    I think it has a screwy design flaw. The legs don't allow it to be fully extended, if necessary for a camera that extends over the mounting plate on the side. And for the RX100, the screw on the bottom is too far to the right. Why didn't Zhiyun take this into account?? Ugh.

  35. shawny v zundert says:

    Can you put a Panasonic lumix g80 on it?

  36. Zevox says:

    27k emails?xDD

  37. LUITE 루터 says:

    So if I have a Sony RX100 V and a Sony A7 with a big lens.. can I use the normal Crane for both?

  38. Michał K. says:

    Hi, big thx for a great video. I wish you could make an another video (maybe comparison to Osmo mobile) but in terms of 'object tracking'. I saw that Zhiyun app should enable this feature on crane-m. Other thing is that it might be a good combo to use smartphone with small camera like Sony RX100 M4/5 (with any smartphone as an app controller (with object tracking))

  39. Jeroen Leurs says:

    excellent review!!

  40. Dallas Texas says:

    Hi, just curious have you tried the Pilotfly C45 for compact camera? ( Sony RX100 ) or do you have any reference? Thanks.

  41. Reginald Walton says:

    Thanks for the video. Hadn't seen anyone walk through the steps to balance an action camera on this. Just got mine and like you, me and this thing "ain't" hittin it off right now, but I'm practicing with it.

  42. Emre Sunay Gebeş says:

    I'm waiting for beholder ds2a review 🙂

  43. Aarons back says:

    Could I use this with a Panasonic g85 with a video micro mic? By the way, love the vlog. Excellent job.

  44. Lord Allen Hernandez says:

    This is the most informative video I found on YouTube about this product. Thanks!

  45. MakeSenseBoxing says:

    This was an awesome review man! Really well done.

  46. Vijay Singh Shekhawat says:

    Sir is there any way to attach mobile phone with crane m

  47. Ray Luis D. Monserrata says:

    iPhonedo can I use a zoom Q2HD on this crane?

  48. Ray Luis D. Monserrata says:

    iPhonedo can I use a Zoom Q2HD on this crane?

  49. ricecowboy says:

    Gimbal in frame 3:35

  50. D Jaquith says:

    Nice review .. the buttons are way too noisy.

  51. Problem Slayer says:

    Can these be used with a Sony action cam

  52. aajonahv says:

    What's the fifth poster on your wall (right side)?

  53. CPC Films says:

    Whats the max weight for this gimbal?

  54. Lyon_FlightFilms says:

    I want to get this one mostly for my Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS100 (tz100). Gimbal's stores info says it is fitted to the most of Panasonic lumix dmc series and my one is in the list. But what I really struggling to find – an exact cable for remote control of my camera, coz this is one of the main criteria to take crane M – it has a zoom joystick and it would make an awesome convenience to operate a camera without involving a second arm.. but all the stores says they have a cable for Sony, but nothing about Panasonic.. appreciate the advice – if Sony cable for crane m will work with my Panasonic lumix dmc zs100.. coz apparently it has a micro USB slot same as Sony actually

  55. Anggi Prasetyo says:

    this review for zhiyun crane m

  56. Tarun Kamarthy says:

    Excellent review! Does the package include a mount for a smartphone and action camera? If no, then could you please suggest accessories for the same?

  57. Inquisitve m says:

    how come the vid still bounces? does it still take a lot of practice?

  58. Tree Mango says:

    Wait!!!  I have setup just like your, for some reason it doesn't work.  Do you have to do setup on the camera and gimbal?? please help.  Thanks

  59. Valentino Luggen says:

    another great video. 😀 thanks so much

  60. JeongTsundere says:

    Can i apply my rx100 m2 on it?

  61. Dhane Coston says:

    Will it work for a Sony rx100v because isn’t the tripod thread on the rx100v offset to the side?

  62. Mark Job says:

    The footage didn't look that steady to me. There's one made in Germany who's name currently escapes me, but I have seen the footage from that one and it looked incredibly rock steady and fluid.

  63. Getting Bent With Bo says:

    Bruh! Those emails good lord! Clean out that inbox lol

  64. Milan Boskovic says:

    Great videos, keep it up!
    Did you play around with Feiyutech A1000?

  65. JaeSwift says:

    Calm down, relax.

  66. Benjamin Trainor says:

    He sounds like Steve Carrell as Grew

  67. yildirim ozpay says:

    you so funny ;)))

  68. yildirim ozpay says:

    James brown also said Hit it three times!!!!!!

  69. Newbs Media says:

    Great video, getting my Zhiyun next week

  70. Robin Juton says:

    Hi, nice vidéo! I need your help ! do you think it's still worth buying the Zhiyun Crane-M today? I have a limited budget so I asked myself the question. thanks so much 🙂

  71. Gak Bisa Nyanyi says:

    Can it charge gopro 6?

  72. Siva Rama Krishna says:


  73. alseinis says:

    this product supported GoPro only? cant it be with compact camera? like 2 in 1

  74. Anderson Silva says:

    The best Tech Channel ever.

  75. deeber35 says:

    my camera set-up weighs about 500g. Which Crane is best? Does the M perform noticeably worse than the V2?

  76. deeber35 says:

    my camera set-up weighs about 500g. Which Crane is best? Does the M perform noticeably worse than the V2?

  77. Daniel Mark Jones says:

    Is that the Getty museum? Looks familiar

  78. artmanjamin says:

    I'm guessing you have the strength to low or weak on the crane m? I just got mine and using with the G7X M2, after a few hours of play, it starts to jitter when tilting up and down. i'm thinking of returning but will check to see if mine's on high or low.

  79. Val Rawfoodsky says:

    Great video. So much fun!

  80. Quixpeed says:

    Does this gimbal feature a follow object function in mobile app?

  81. BK42 Channel says:

    Fantastic review!

  82. Tony Anthony Jr says:

    Where did you film? My wife wants to go there.

  83. Ayan's View says:

    Can I use it for Gopro 6 and iphone 7? Is it waterproof? Please let me know?

  84. CK Yee 魚仔 says:

    thank you

  85. CasPhoto says:

    crane-m sample video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nyxXrkAsiw&t=3s

  86. Yumiri Runa says:

    Hi iPhonedo, I've read that the control cable ZW-MULTI-002 provided with the Zhiyun Crane 2 does support the camera charging function for Sony cameras. If used with the Zhiyun Crane M will it charge the Sony RX100 V while shooting (will it drain the gimbal battery instead of the camera's internal battery)? Zhiyun tech support couldn't answer my question. Thank you!

  87. yumpladukfoo says:

    Are you Borat's brother?

  88. Jing Hu says:

    Thanks for your detailed instruction! It's easy to understand and it's beginners-friendly.

  89. Operateur says:

    Why does the base it the stick at 5:26?

  90. Julian Smith says:

    I love your reviews, thank you!

  91. marcelyne eyre says:

    cant stand your voice. bye

  92. Nawras tariq الطبخ المميز says:

    Please i have canon g7x can I take shots by remote control if i buy one from Zhiyun crane m I need your help please

  93. John Packard says:

    No longer available. Is there anything else made for pocket cameras that is small like this one?

  94. Emil Septiandri says:

    Is that works with gopro fusion??? How about the batteries max works?

  95. Stefan Lorenz says:

    Pretty cool. But Igot the Smooth Q modified for RX 100. Makes the same Job.

  96. Sreejith S says:

    Hi did they support sony a7iii

  97. David Maddern says:

    Another great video IPHONEDO , thank you , you continue to make the best tech videos on youtube . Im curious , like you, I have a sony fdrx3000 and a RX100. Can you suggest a gimbal that I could use for both cameras ? Ideally a single gimbal that could work with both rather than two gimbals , thanks very much , kind regards , David

  98. Joseph Edwards says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Where did you shoot it?

  99. CraftingFreakAsaurus says:

    Now that it's 2019 what is the updated version of this?

  100. British Boxer says:

    what about the canon m50 with a ef 50mm and speedbooster?

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