Zhiyun Crane M2 Balancing – Sony Rx100 Va, GoPro, iPhone

Hi YouTube, today we’ll be showing you
how to balance your Crane m2 with the following devices The Sony rx100 mark 5A , the GoPro as well as a smartphone To start off with this balancing we’ll be
using the Sony rx100 Mark 5A with the crane m2 – so for this
sony rx100 mark 5A. Basically what we’ll be trying to balance is the tilt which
is top and down motion. The roll left and right and the pan. Basically there are four essential steps for you to do when you’re balancing the
crane m2 together with the Sony rx100 Mark 5A What you need is the screw as
well as to provided plate to get you started, so what we do first this will
take the Crane m2 together with the tripod mounted is provided. Fit it in to make it stand and next we’ll take the plate that is
provided. There’s two sides to the plate one is the long sides
as well as the short side. The long side are for mirrorless cameras such as your sony
a6400 . Whereas the short size are for your GoPros , your
phones and your point and shoot cameras such as the Sony rx100 series or the
Canon G7X Mark 2/3 series okay so now we’ll go ahead and mount
this on camera. As you can see the Sony mount is actually offset which is the
actually okay because you can still mount it and it will still fit on the Crane M2, so compared to the
old Zhiyun Crane M, this is actually a benefit because for the Crane M, you need to get
a cage in order to balance it right For this particular Crane M2 – you don’t
need to. So, what you have to do first unlock to the axes. This real button
here, unlock it. Ok, the first step is to unlock everything, so you can do the
adjustment. First step for balancing you put your unit in first you make sure the
screws are tight once you get the plates sloted in the
camera mount, we start balancing. First off think the best way to balance is to balance the roll so using the button here balance the roll okay, looks perfect the nice you balance
the tilt okay, that’s good. The 3rd to balance would
be this part but before you do so you would have to extend your lens
because that actually adds weights to the front so, loosen the screw looks balanced now and the last to do will be the balancing of this axes over
here this is pretty important because if we do not balance your RX100 properly the vortex mode will not work so you loosen the screw unbalance. Okay alright, so it’s balanced
now How do you see which balance is that the this angle here is parallel to the floor
okay so if you do not balance you just go haywire If you balance it properly.
There you go parallel to the floor for balancing on this Zhiyun Crane M2
it’s actually pretty easy if you ever tried to balance on the crane 2 before, I
would say this is a much simpler process given the size of this Crane M2. To check if your camera is properly balanced you can do a self-check. First
make sure the screws are locked in place once it is balanced.Next, you can just tilt
the camera in any direction it should stay there if it is balance so there you go quick balancing of the
Sony rx100 mark 5a on this Zhiyun Crane M2 Okay, so it looks balanced
enough so let’s try it out to see if you to see if it is really balanced What you need to do is to turn on the gimbal This is the Pan Follow mode and try it out
on the vortex more so, if it can turn, it’s balance so as you can see it works perfect so your camera is now balanced with the gimbal For Sony rx100 users you’ll be happy
to know that you do not need to have an additional cage to mount this Sony rx100
into the one to the Crane m2. Sony has an off-center track here which causes
problem when you’re mounting on to the Crane M because you need to balance it
in the middle for this particular Crane M2 because it has two slots on the
plate itself the longest side in the shorter side. You can use the shorter
side for the Sony rx100 series and you’ll fit perfectly so let’s go and see
how it works so you can see is not touching the motors,
it’s perfectly compact in a way. Next. we will show you how to balance the GoPro together with the Zhiyun Crane m2 . So for the GoPro itself we need to get this
flat adapter which is not inside the set itself so once you have the flat adapter, you
can just simply attach it Again we’ll be using the second hole the
smaller hole you fix it up okay now fit to your Crane M2 Again the
first step similar to the Sony rx100 is to adjust this part here first. So what
you need to do to loosen the screw here okay, GoPro face to the sky then you try to balance it it’s tilting forward so you gonna
push okay, looks about balance.Tighten this Now you balance the weight knot here. Turn it around to show you Balance The GoPro is a very light
machine, so you probably need to push it all the way to the end . So, it’s balanced now and on the third step to balance will be this
screw here . Move forward and backward position your GoPro roperly with it micro-adjustments It’s BalanceLast but not least, tile your crane M2 with the screw here facing to the back I try to balance okay it’s just about right, tighten
it Tighten every screw again, check. Okay, once again to check if your gopro is properly balanced just tilt it
to any direction It’s balance, so what you do now is to turn it on to test You have the pan follow mode the lock mode testing the vortex movement There you go perfectly balanced GoPro on
the Crane M Last, we attempt to balance the phone and the Crane M2, we use the
provided phone holder There are a few holes on the phone holder. We use the outer one for the screws because that’s the only one they can
screw in fully. (Recommended to use the shallow one – inner hole by Zhiyun but we found this too loose and cannot hold the phone firmly!) The first thing as usual is that we will adjust the Roll first it’s pretty heavy so okay here you go and what you do next would be the tilt basically, the tilt has two functions. You
tilt here as well as the phone itself we’ll adjust this part first Okay, seems like the phone is a little
bit of front heavy so you probably need to go all the way
to the maximum to adjust it ( most likely its because we did not use the shallow hole for the screw) I’m trying to adjust this. Okay, normally
it would have to go to the maximum side because this is pretty front heavy over
here So an issue I face is that I can’t seem to get it properly balanced
on this tilt side because of how heavy this is
you might need some counter weight here although our trials and errors is not necessary
to have a counterweight here. Just to make sure you have your roll perfectly
balanced. And last but not least balance this part as well Okay, looks good for the moment Unfortunately, it is still too heavy to
balance properly but we turn it on the see whether it works in the vortex mode so my engine for this zhiyun m2 is
set to engine motor strength for the Zhiyun Crane M2 is set too low for this.
So we see whether it works in this mode if not we might need to set
the power higher so again we do the pan follow mode and using the vortex mode, let’s ee if it works see sometimes even if it’s not balanced
properly on the handphone itself but because it’s a light piece of device,
the strength for the Crane M2 is able to perform the vortex mode but
for heavier devices like the Sony rx100 series or even the mirrorless camera
setup you will not be able to do so on the vortex mode if you do not balance
properly One thing I’d like to add about these devices is that this screw
may actually get in the way when you locked it it might be facing upwards
here , Not to worry what you can do is actually pull up the screw and you
can turn it to another locking position So this is not an issue. There you have it
the camera is perfectly balanced and ready for action if you find this video useful do give
us a like and subscribe see you next time

6 comments on “Zhiyun Crane M2 Balancing – Sony Rx100 Va, GoPro, iPhone”

  1. Howie HAU BOON HUAT says:

    iphone camera position wrong la. should set to the right ( from ur side is left)

  2. habakoski says:

    Thanks for the guide. I think that Zhiyun should add a plate matching RX 100 size cameraโ€™s base dimensions. Would love to keep the quick plate attached to my camera all the time but this 2-in-1 quick plate sticks out in my pocket.

  3. ARTO says:

    Weird camera position of the iPhone, I bought it for my iPhone XS Max and the balancing was not possible. Now I see that you put the iPhone in a unusual position. Now I use the moza mini mi, less price and works perfect. The Crane M2 is only for rx100 Users

  4. Fridu54 says:

    Is it possible to put the Sony RX100 in the bigger slice of the plate so the camera is away from the gimble. Because the RX100 V7 has the external microphone entry there and if it is close to the gible there is no way to put an external microphone to the camera. Thanks.

  5. Cheiko Sairin says:

    Big thumbs up for the reviews video.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘

  6. Ata Seddigh Mohammadi says:

    I had many talks with Moment (www.shopmoment.com). they said that the following combinations doesn't work on Osmo Mobile 3
    – iPhone 11 Pro Max
    – Moment Wide or Tele Lens
    – 62mm Filter Mount + Variable ND Filter
    – Osmo Mobile 3
    They said that it's too heavy for the gimbal to handle this. But how about Zhiyun Crane-M2, would it handle this weight?

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