Zhiyun Crane M2 Gimbal & 3 Different Camera Types (Phone, Osmo Action & Mirrorless) [Review]

So today we’re going to review three different types of cameras with the Zhiyun Crane M2 – so let’s see what the M2 is capable of So first we gonna start with the Osmo Action It felt very natural using the Osmo action with the Crane M2 In almost all Shots except the super slow-mo once The special internal stabilization of the Osmo called Rocksteady is turned on and I think it works brilliantly together For example in this shot it basically looks like the camera is flying I’d say if you have 250$ laying around and want some of those flying camera shots with your action camera, why not? Let’s use the Zhiyun Crane M2 with a phone. For this I’m gonna use the Huawei P10. I’m actually super satisfied with this combination. I was very surprised by the results even when I was running You can barely see any wobbling or shaking So I can recommend this gimble to anyone who wants to use it with their phone But also might want to use it with heavier cameras in the future So last but not least we’re gonna use a small mirrorless camera for this I’m gonna use the Olympus M10 Mark 3 When I use the Crane M2 with the mirrorless camera I could feel that the Olympus is close to the weight and size limit of the M2. The M2 is actually built for smaller cameras on which you are not even able to change lenses I don’t own any of those so I had to do it with the Olympus which also led to the fact that I could only use a short and light 20 millimeter lens I think the b-roll turned out great though Sometimes I had some problems with the size of the camera, especially at fast movements the camera sometimes knocked against some part of the Gimbal You definitely gotta make sure to properly stabilize it before otherwise, there will be lots of small wobbly shakes in the picture Nevertheless as you could hopefully see it is possible to use this combination All right, so it’s a wrap. We’ve used three different cameras with the Zhiyun Crane M2 So let me know what you think about the
Crane M2 and also let me know which video you liked the most

11 comments on “Zhiyun Crane M2 Gimbal & 3 Different Camera Types (Phone, Osmo Action & Mirrorless) [Review]”

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  2. Laura Riegel says:


  3. Julian Davis says:

    editing skills on point mate love it

  4. Pics2Flicks Dennis says:

    Enjoyed this. Did you edit to an anamorphic aspect ratio in post, or shoot with an anamorphic lens? I'm guessing you did this in post, as otherwise you'd have to have anamorphic lenses for your phone, your Osmo Action and your Olympus

  5. Denis Samilton says:

    Even in review you made amazing short clips 😀

  6. Ken Fukuda says:

    You always come through with high quality content, bro! Keep up the great work!

  7. Booh Recluta says:

    Thanks for the tips

  8. Helcon John De La Torre says:

    I just want to ask. were you able to connect the Olympus camera to the Gimbal button functions? I was just wondering because olympus Em10 is not listed in the compatibility list.

  9. HellOThere! says:


  10. Dan Lee says:

    Did it work perfectly with lightweight dslr like nikon d5300 + light lenses such as kit afp or fix 35mm?
    If i calculate the weight, should be under the limit..

    I don't need button control, just Stabilization & joystick.. maybe sometimes i have some money i will buy compatible mirrorless for it.

  11. Rhodem Capilla says:

    Hey man, nice video. I'm just wondering if the M2 can handle the GX85 with 12-35mm f/2.8 lens

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