100 comments on “Zombie Villager & The Farm | Block Squad (Minecraft Animation)”

  1. ArcadeCloud says:


  2. StyxTrente says:

    My favorite series

  3. Tejinder Kumar says:

    I Like it when you have a axe

  4. Michelle Black says:

    Are you. Makeing a enderdragon one

  5. Roman Winter says:

    just noticed it says 0 views

  6. MrSnipgi says:

    Bam Bam Kinda Cute Doe

  7. Hever crak says:

    Me gustó tu video

  8. Izzy The GachaTuber says:


  9. nickco swel says:

    Did the pig evolve or what he stud up 😮😮😮😮👀

  10. Tristan Hall says:

    you need a splash potion of weakness with the golden apple for them to be cured and it takes a couple minutes

  11. Carlos lopez says:

    0:59 so cute

  12. Tommy Iermano says:

    In the next one they should buy a ocean explorer map from one of the villagers and go to an ocean monument

  13. Broskizz says:

    Next episode baby panda should be sitting on steve and then he grows up

  14. MUSTAFA NOOR says:

    Hmmmm I think the cat

  15. Thedankboi says:

    You should. Add Alex in to your Minecraft episodes. She is basically a badass

  16. Alex / As says:

    Alex pls

  17. dontsinkthe boat says:

    Yay a farm

  18. Ehsan Foghani says:


  19. A Frazier says:


  20. Maria Estrada says:


  21. Reapurr says:

    Can I get a t shirt with chicken and panda on it?

  22. Mariska Marita says:

    Please more videos

  23. MobileGamerXYZ says:

    Wait what isn't it supposed to be a potion of weaknesses and a golden apple?

    Oh NVM the panda was the weakness.

  24. Herobrine And Enity 303 I’m always Watching You says:

    Mojang I Love Minecraft!

  25. Herobrine And Enity 303 I’m always Watching You says:

    His. It is not Staniel His Name Is Steve!

  26. Gavin Lykins says:

    Yes me

  27. It’s dajae says:

    Best one yet

  28. Pem april 2019 salomon says:

    I love your mc vid

  29. 24th Force says:

    He does look stupid in the helmet

  30. Ronnie Plays says:

    You can add them a creeper friend


    Alex should be in the block squad and she should be called Alice

  32. Raquel Braganza says:

    Wait what happened to enderman. Can he be in the next episode.

  33. FamilyBrown 10 says:

    I like the 🐼 He so Cute and Cool
    Who agrees?

  34. Zac Ingo says:

    Will The Enderman Return? 😕

  35. Matthew Yu says:

    You tainted minecraft, you suck at animating.

  36. Marius berg says:

    Yoy need a golden apple and weakness potion

  37. Mary rutkoskey says:

    I Love Your Videos

  38. Commando 5081 says:

    So they're just gonna leave the wolf family, the llama and the enderman..

  39. Mary Ingle says:

    Farm:Contains melons

  40. Tania Golingi says:

    #minecraft #zombieVillager #farming

  41. Isaac Rodriguez says:


  42. Lexi Estonina says:

    3:06 wheres da Panda

  43. Hong Tran says:

    Me seeing all the every logic possible and doesn't mind

    Also me: Ight I'mma head out

  44. Kareem Williams says:

    But spiders only attack if you attack

  45. Eduardo Romero says:

    Love the panda hes quiet but badass

  46. Nuriat Naluyange says:

    I pray to God that chicken will not be rude and a bossy boot

  47. Nuriat Naluyange says:

    Please do a episode when Stan meets herobine

  48. Thedankdoodler says:

    Alex Should be. The new character character she is a cool has the nether sorry we cant get age restricted

  49. Kai O' Leary says:

    Stan why arint you killing chuck and porckchop i think you are the most stupidest one ever 2 are prithy much food for you

  50. XxGuineverXx 150 says:

    Cool 😎

  51. Leo Sköld says:


  52. Oliver Chetwood heath says:

    Bam bam whin i see him
    ☺️ so cute

  53. Ross John says:

    Pls make more videos

  54. Zacster 08 says:

    like is you love bam bam

  55. Jeancarlos Manso says:

    Can you please put them in the snow on the next video

  56. best friends says:


  57. patrick ramos says:

    ice bear

  58. super youtuber 117 says:

    An army of iron golems joins in block squad and together they take out ender DRAGON

  59. Satriyo Wibisono says:

    uhh you must throw a weakness potion and give them golden apple

  60. Chuck Lloyd says:

    I’m in love with this series also what happened to the dogs and llama

  61. Frost says:

    I love the end 🤣👌

  62. Minecraft Player says:

    Did you know your picture for the video has the diamond hoe is in the pigs Head

  63. CreepyNinja _139 says:

    That karat joke just had me in there

  64. MIGHTYKNOWN says:

    It’s really a illegal when no splash potions of weakness and zombie villagers are cured when they eat golden apples instead get splashed with potions of weakness

  65. Joe Alty says:

    Wither should join

  66. Joe Alty says:

    It should act sacary then be sacared ov the chicken

  67. Ehdhd Shusshus says:

    How about we add another player?

  68. Yeetboi12221222 says:


  69. TheReal Regio82 says:

    Wait, To Cure A Zombie Villager, Don’t You Need A Slowness Potion?

  70. Primocz tv says:


  71. Angel M says:

    A fish in a bucket

  72. sndjsh dudbbdjdb says:

    Wait is that the end of that season than we wait of season 2 Minecraft aww man

  73. DolphinGaming-Minecraft says:

    What happened to enderman the wolves and that sexy llama

  74. cesar reyes says:


  75. doofusrick says:

    Ngl that pig got cake

  76. FlameBoy Playz says:

    Bambam is So cute

  77. eurosa binan says:


  78. Obi-wan Kenobi says:



  79. Titanic says:

    "This looks so stupid!"
    I fully agree. It looks like his hair is white.

  80. Jason Sheppard says:

    Dont zombe Villiers burn in the day

  81. Xiu Juan Huang says:

    A cat named idiot

  82. Miss E says:

    Ayten sana da

  83. Multi Multi Stuff says:

    Nice episode! ✨

  84. Bektas Servis says:

    Steve ve zombi köylü saldırıyor animasyon kalp at

  85. Charisma151 says:

    Steve your helmet it good adnd it look fancy

  86. kobe esguerra says:

    Bambam is so cute

  87. Andre Putrus says:

    You know you should ask your does zombie villagers

  88. Виктория Комбу says:

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  89. Виктория Комбу says:

    Майнграфт Майнграфт рулу

  90. Виктория Комбу says:

    Майнграфт в Москве в улуокт. ТОРУТТУНУП гурт и уоуооуо. Ушко угур. Улуьл. Генк.

  91. Виктория Комбу says:

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  92. Sophstudios says:

    Swigitty swoogitty I’m shove a sword up that chickens booty!

  93. dutchmasher says:

    A cow named tony who sounds like a goat

  94. Oscar and Ice Tv says:


  95. Gia khánh Vũ says:

    0:59 awww… so cute

  96. Dezi Galvez says:

    Keep up the good work

  97. زنوش HD says:

    Wait a second you have to throw a weakness potion on them then use the golden Apple
    And thats illegal you just gave them appels without the potion

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